Well, well, well. Here. We. Go. Again. For whatever reason or rationale or impetus, Sean Delonas and the New York Post decided that it was best fit to run this political cartoon today. Before we jump to conclusions and act hypersensitive like we tend to do (yeah), let us wait for the true motives of this cartoon to emerge.

It would be completely short-sighted of a person to assume correlation between this pic and the economic stimulus plan signed by the nation’s first African-American president today, no?

And the beat goes on.

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  • sloane

    as a new yorker, i’ve had my run-ins with the new york post, which is a notoriously racist, sexist tabloid that unscruplously skews the news into a right-leaning direction and wishes it could be a real newspaper. even though i know this, seeing president obama portrayed as a wild monkey shot down on the street enrages me. this is based in pure racism and hearkens back to the days when racist cartoons perpetuated the stereotype of black men as animalistic brutes deserving of second class status. and to depict him as deserving of being shot down? this is unacceptable and i hope they fire his ass. (i doubt they will, but if they don’t some kind of economic action needs to be taken against them.)

  • Charlene Gorzela

    What a shame, what a shame!
    Shame on you whoever created this and who approved it.
    We will never have peace and unconditional love on our planet unless it starts from within, in each individual heart.

  • The newspapers’ editors, owners and advertisers need to publicly retract the ad and personally make an apology. What hurts all newspapers/magazines are advertisers. Every advertiser needs to withdraw their ads. The message will then be clearly understood regarding such a hideous publication.

    Ms. Johnson

  • Ms. Gamble

    I’m quite upset about this. And usually I can find the humor in everything. Then again I do become a heart-felt to the pain my ancestors endured during black history month. Never in my young life have I ever been so pain-stricken over the hurtful humor such as this. How dare you print something like this! While browsing through photobucket the other day I noticed pictures of apes with President Obama’s face copy-pasted on them. So if we’re not so blind to knowing the racist affects such as that, why would we be blind to knowing that you purposely aimed this towards our President. To those family members that I have in New York I will be asking them not to read your paper in boycott to this dispictable act.

  • The author of this column is nothing but an evolutionist,racist pig. That’s it, plain and simple.