Every Valentine’s Day I vow to make this one better than the last. It seems like I never have a Valentine’s Day that turns out right. I spend the day sulking, drinking or gorging on chocolates. This year I am making plans and no matter what I end up doing it’s going to be better than last year. So in order to help you have the best Valentine’s Day possible I have complied a list of products that are sure to make the big day be a little more romantic, a little more naughty and a whole lot better then the ones that have come before it. Enjoy!

Miss Oops! Chicken Cutlets ($28, missoops.com) If you are having a little trouble filling out your Victoria Secret bra no need to worry. These reusable silicone bra inserts help take your sexy to the next level. Whether you need a little extra lift or a volume boost these Cutlets will help you out. Perfect if you are going to wear something super hot for Valentine’s Day night. All you have to do is insert the Chicken Cutlets inside your bra to instantly jump a full cup size. They feel really comfortable on and they are super affordable.

Dior Addict Lipstick ($25, saksfifthavenue.com) This super sexy lipstick will get in you the right mood this Valentine’s Day. Rich and shine-drenched this sensational lipstick will make your lips the star of the show. Whether you pick Positive Red or Optic Fuchsia you can’t go wrong with any of their light-saturated colors. It’s easy to see why not only you but everyone who sees you in this lipstick will be addicted right away.

Philosophy A Diet You Can Live With ($30, sephora.com) I know dieting is the last thing you want to think of this Valentine’s Day but this set will be the best diet you have ever experienced. It is a three-piece collection of 3-in-1 sweet smelling shampoo, shower gel, and bubble baths. The set includes a bottle of yummy crème brulée; mouth-watering pink frosted layer cake and indulgent classic fudge cake. All without the calories, fat and guilt a box of chocolate gives you. I am not saying to give up the chocolates all together this year but if you do eat some take a bath in this after you get done to feel instantly better. Or even better have some one run you a Crème Brulee bubble bath.

Astroglide Xtreme Pleasure ($9.99, astroglide.com) Yes, I am taking it here. If you are planning on some good loving on Valentines Day then make sure you place a little bottle of this on your bedside table. Lets just say this high quality lubricant helps to enhance sexual performance and pleasure. It contains a unique blend of ingredients that act as skin conditioners for enhanced silky sensations and prolonged mutual stimulation. This new formula has the same clean, smooth texture as the original Astroglide but with a slicker feel. Plus its latex safe so use it with your protection. What? I am just trying to help you out.

Prescriptives Colorscope Lip Gloss ($17.50, prescriptives.com) If lipgloss is more your speed then snatch one of this ultra smooth glosses. This sexy gloss glides onto lips for a sheer sheen finish. While shine polymers create a glossy finish to complement the lustrous color. Your lips will be left feeling buttery soft, moist and soothed. Perfect for several Valentine’s Day kisses. You just have to decide if the kisses will all be from the same person.

Scented Drawer Papers ($28, soapandpaperfactory.com) These papers are the perfect gift to yourself. They feel so indulgent and decadent in an old school romantic sort of way. Each beautifully scented and patterned paper can be placed in your drawers to leave your clothes or underclothes smelling wonderful and fresh. And it’s your little secret. It’s a great way to feel sexy and pampered on Valentine’s Day or any other day. Plus if you’re giving a gift you can use these sheets to wrap gifts. The Green Tea sheets smell clean and sweet and has crisp citrus notes. Perfect for both men and women.

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