br433246-00p01v01Something is weighing heavy on me and I need to come clean. I have an addiction. And I think admitting you have a problem is the first step. What you ask is my drug of choice? Fragrance. You read it right I your loyal Beauty Editor am addicted to fragrance. I am always looking for my next fragrance hit. Sometimes I find it hard to focus because I am dreaming about glass bottles full of intoxicating scents. If I forget to put on fragrance before I leave the door I spend the rest of the day feeling miserable and incomplete. I have it bad.

I love the feeling that I get the first time I smell a soon to be favorite fragrance. Your mind races your heart skips beat you fall madly in love with the a little bottle of Heaven. Although just like with a man sometimes that love isn’t returned and after a few more whiffs you realize although lovely this fragrance isn’t for you. But this thankfully wasn’t the case when I tried Rosewood by Banana Republic ($28, bananarepublic.com). This fragrance is so romantic and warm that it almost gives you a bear hug. Rosewood excites the senses like a first kiss with the warm and inviting blend of bergamot champagne, white tea leaves and white amber notes. The enticing floral notes will have you an addict right away. A beautiful scent that wears well all day.

nd5453Now if Rosewood fulfills my need for a warm intoxicating hug. Bond no. 9 Brooklyn fulfills my need for an invigorating cold shower in the morning ($140, bondno9.com). Crisp, alive and bursting with energy this fragrance is a true reflection of the iconic burrow that is a mix of different styles, cultures and attitudes. The fragrance is unisex with a desirably masculine attitude. It is romantic, sexy, and distinctive—built in a very contemporary way to display its entire composition, rather than individual notes. Brooklyn is a woody, spicy-filled oriental that mingles cardamom, geranium leaves, cedarwood, grapefruit, juniper leaves, South American guaiacwood and leather. And we won’t even talk about the show-stopping bottle. Truly original and enveloping, it only took one hit of this before I was hooked. Brooklyn hits stores in March.

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  • i will definitely try out your recommendations, especially bond no. 9 ’cause brooklyn is the boro!

  • Thanks Nicole! I’m also a fragance fanatic!

  • Sanny

    I love fragrance too. I can never get enough. I will have to get both of these. Another good one for guys is the new D&G The One. Top seller at Sephora and smells amazing!

  • Hmmm…I think I may check both of these out.

  • I love fragrance too… but I have the hardest time deciding! Will definitely try the Rosewood… I’m more so in the marketing, love the bottles just as much. Not clicking with the Bond no.9, but will give it a try.