Black artists don’t have a definite melody, and White musicians don’t own the blueprints to a specific sound. Musical expression is inspirations blur, understanding the haze is the gift within the coincidence. The addiction to what’s unique is carefully rehabbed through the vocal throws of a Sarah White submission. Giving us her first dose of a sonically intoxicating escape, the newest addition to the neo-eclectic outfit, whispers a refreshing trip through the breeze of inspiration that resides within the walls of her debut EP, Hiding Blind.

“You can’t classify skin tones and sounds together, Black people are making every kind of music, ”offers White.

When it comes to musical exception there’s always a valid excuse to appreciate a rare find. Inspired by artists like Little Dragon, Adele and her obvious comparables, White is the surest thing out there delivering a musical explanation of the world within her soul to the world outside her window. Distinctive and unidentifiable, but likely considered a Badu or a Scott, she offers music a hidden doorway into a new world of experience courtesy of her free range of musical expression. “I may do an acoustic Jazz track and then switch over to some punk rock,” cites White as she explains the diversity within her ever-changing sound.

White, an original member of the trip hop group Black Blondie, was already catapulting to heightened success by being a member of one of Minneapolis’ premier local acts. Alongside her fellow band mates in this music phenomenon, she partook in the positive exposure, the cult-like following, and the opportunities that derived from mingling with this Midwest class act. But being invited to play in the Black Lily festival in Philadelphia, and sharing the stage with artists like Amy Winehouse and Jill Scott, was where White realized that the journey to the top with Black Blondie for her had a ceiling of limitations, that quite like smoke and ashes, only promised to smother her reality with a continual desire to transcend abroad. “When we came out to Philly and New York and played some shows, I realized that there has been something that I felt like I was missing within myself and as an artist and inspiration wise. In one weekend, I felt it all here,“ White states as she remembers one of the first gigs she performed on the East Coast.

White and fiancé/producer DJ Don Cuco, and their infant daughter, arrived in New York City back in 2007 to manifest a dream that to them was merely just a distant reach from their original home in Minnesota. “Leaving Minneapolis became my only option,” says White. “When I arrived in New York City, I felt like I stepped right in and hit the ground running.” It is here where White was able to branch out musically and explore her independence and diversify her sound. It is here where she found her heart; it is here where she discovered her music.

“It’s hard to believe some times that people are listening to it. To me, it’s just my private feelings and thoughts, but I think it’s eclectic enough that there’s at least one song that almost anyone can get a hold of and understand where I’m coming from,” she illustrates. Having her fiancé as the primary producer has proven to be both a struggle and a blessing that is rehearsed in every offer. “In some ways it’s a blessing, we can tuck our daughter in then get started on a beat or a recording.” But on another note, “The struggle of our relationship comes out in our songs. There will literally be tracks about us fighting about recording, or not wanting to be together anymore. The good thing is, these tracks help us get through whatever that bump in the road is so we can get past it. It’s a way to channel all of our emotions into working through things,” White admits. With such a positive reception from the track Fade and also Walk Away, her collaboration with Hip Hop artist Manifest, Hiding Blind is considerably taking off in every direction and a remix CD of the EP is already being written into the map of her iconic future.

“It’s hard to believe some times that people are listening to it. To me, it’s just my private feelings and thoughts, but I think it’s eclectic enough that there’s at least one song that almost anyone can get a hold of and understand where I’m coming from”

Staying afloat in Brooklyn and reestablishing herself as a solo artist, has already been an accelerated journey and one that has afforded White a bigger view of the world inside her dream. She has taken her neo-eclectic-electric-dub-soul to the famed Apollo Theater where she was a guest in Imani Uzuri’s Rock Opera, The acclaimed Delancey in Manhattan, and the Knitting Factory, known to be a huge stop in musical history, and now also another entry for her growing resume’ of accomplishments in such a short time for an artist who’s just arrived in the Big Apple. Her music has also jumped continents and having a track released in Japan has given her a new window of opportunity towards establishing a new set of fans; the East meets the Far East. She’s also working on a booking a small summer tour that will bring her music to Europe and enhance her worldwide appeal.

In truth, Sarah White is like the key on the string hanging from her personal Kite within the sky of her destiny. As soon as the perfect storm hits, there is a promise of electricity. Get under her umbrella now, and anticipate the rain.

Sarah White “c train” from chipmonk on Vimeo.

For more information on Sarah White please visit www.myspace.com/sarahwhitesol and mysarahwhite.com.

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