Although it’s not the potent delivery of rhyme and spoken word laced over neo-soul beats and dispensed in an ever-seductive English lilt (think: Say Yes), Natalie Stewart, The Floacist, has a speaking voice that lures you in just the same. Mere minutes into the conversation and she doesn’t hesitate to share intimate stories about her stepson, giggling about that new Beyonce track that has her shaking it down to the floor, and speaking as if you’re a close confidant or friend, but if you’re one of her fans that’s exactly how she sees it. She quickly explains the pains of her split from the critically acclaimed, Grammy nominated group Floetry that resulted in her triumph and first attempt as a solo artist, and her absence from the fans and the creative process she’s missed. She chats easily about her stateside tour with Yo Majesty in a joyous break from a tumultuous 2006, handing us both “The Offering” and “Freedom”, two aptly titled collections–one describing the free sample of 6 tracks she likens to a “mix tape” sans the constant ’screams’ of a dj voiceover (an introduction of sorts to fans who have eagerly awaited her return and have yet to see her solo), and the other, the key word for the embarkation on her solo journey after the much gossiped about break–but more on that later. For now The Floacist, laughs, shares and gets contemplative as she reflects on “her path”.

“I’m very appreciative of my audience and the relationship we have. Floetry was organic it was built on interaction, it wasn’t on the radio, or on MTV 15 times a day, it was energy share.”

The original Floetry is already greatly missed, but we look forward to both The Floacist and Marsha’s solo debut. Read the entire interview here…

Enjoy some classic Floetry

Floetry – Getting Late (Live) – Floetry

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