Valentine’s Day is around the corner and I’m newly single. I could buy into the not-so-subtle message that being alone on V-day means that something is seriously wrong with me and that I should be running back to the ex with the quickness. It’s far too easy to be bitter and give every happy couple in the vicinity the stink-eye, but it’s neither self-affirming nor productive. With that said, I choose to act like the grown woman I’m always claiming to be. Valentine’s Day 2009 will be the starting point to reclaim the me I lost amid 13 years of relationship drama. And I’ll admit part of me is kind of sad that I’m not in a relationship, I’m more excited about this new stage of my life and the positive change I can effect on my life and others.

This weekend will be spent with me getting some full-on pampering, complete with a new hair-do, a chocolate mani/pedi, and a professional makeup job. After I get myself all gussied up, I’m going to launch my campaign of self-love, renewal, and rediscovery complete with a few popped bottles with the girls and some serious eye candy.

So with my strong Black woman master-mix of “Single Ladies,” “I Will Survive,” and “Golden” going strong on my iPod, I wish you a Happy Valentine’s Day. I hope your day is filled with the love, honor, and respect you deserve and more.

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