The one-time “Princess of The Roc” is back on the scene with a new album that reflects her tumultuous journey through the rough waters of the music industry. Ultimately, Teairra Mari has emerged with renewed strength and inspiration. Much like Janet (Ms. Jackson if you’re nasty) Teairra is all grown up and in control as she moves beyond the lessons of the past and realizes her potential in the present.

This spring, Teairra Mari plans to drop her first album, “At That Point,” since her infamous split with Rocafella. According to the R&B stunner, it promises to be an inspiring album with mass appeal. “I wanted to reach a broader audience, not pigeonhole myself. I want to do the kind of music I love. This is not an urban or pop album, just a great album.” Miss Mari sees this upcoming release as a reflection of the woman she has become.

“My last album reflected me as a growing teenage girl who was confused, but [‘At That Point’] reflects who I am today: A young woman who’s completely comfortable with herself.”

Much like a budding diva earning her stripes, Teairra Mari has managed to take on an empowering outlook regarding the Rocafella debacle “I was so young and excited back then, but now as a woman [I see] that business is business, and not to get too personal with the people you work with. [It’s also important to] keep those people around you that keep you grounded because you can really get caught up with success.”

Teairra also admits that she holds no hard feelings for Jay-Z, or Rihanna. Just recently, she and The Hov shared a brief, but positive, interaction when she reached out to thank him for showing kindness to her mother at his concert in Detroit. With regard to her former rival Rihanna: “In this business, everyone has their time. I wish her the best. I’m very happy for her. We all started out together and worked very hard, [now it’s] paying off – she deserves [success].”

So like a true artist, Teairra Mari has decided to let the troubles of the past fuel the creation of a brighter future, as revealed in her new track “Built for This.” The lyrics hold personal meaning for her as they talk about a time when she persevered against all odds. According to Teairra: “I sang it from my heart, and meant every word.”

Currently “single as a strand of hair,” Miss Mari is unattached and “loving it.” The striking songstress follows a couple of unusual rules about dating however. “I never make the first call, and I never answer the first call.” Her reason? “I just feel like it’s a little thirsty. Got to be hard to get, can’t be too easy.” Desperate women (you know who you are) – please take note.

With her new album dropping in the coming months, the seasoned sensation is making some serious moves – with her head on straight and her eyes wide open. The once young and vulnerable teenager who felt crushed by the sometimes harsh criticism of gossip blogs now finds humor in being the subject of hearsay. “You can’t please everyone, and once you’ve learned that, you’ve won half the battle.”

Teairra Mari’s hard earned wisdom and maturity is the very essence of her new album. For the talented beauty, “At That Point” symbolizes “the point of no return. My head is clear and I know what I want.”

U Said (FuLL) – Teairra Mari

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