80471590We all have hopes, dreams and aspirations and there’s no time like the present to make them a reality. Here’s a shortlist of pursuits we recommend Black folks get down with this year:

Back to Nature Excursion –There’s just something rejuvenating about being one with nature, smelling the fresh clean air and the experiencing the serenity of ‘the stillness.’ This year could be an excellent one to plan – and execute – a nature getaway with friends, family or someone special and take in the healing benefits of one of many of God’s gifts.

Spa or Spiritual Retreat – As Black folk in America, we all learn to manage a considerable amount of stress in our daily lives – so why are we always so underrepresented at spa’s or spiritual/meditation retreats. This year, find time be still and participate in some ‘self care.’ Let a day, weekend, or week even at caring for your mind, body and soul top your 2009 to do list.

Learn a new language – Most of us have a language in mind that we wish we were fluent in. Take time this year to familiarize yourself with one. The Rosetta Stone gets rave reviews, but if that’s out of your price range, libraries across the nation offer a vast range of language tutorials for your enlightenment.

Vacation – In the midst of picking up a new language why not try a little immersion. Put money aside for a bona fide getaway. Mexico is always a nice move. It’s close, they speak Spanish, and our currency actually means something there.

Get Charitable – Yes, we are in tough fiscal times, but it never hurts to scrape together some change to donate to a cause or organization that means something to you.

Put on Your Running Shoes – This year, sign up for a charitable walk for a cause close to your heart. If you really want to challenge yourself, try training for a marathon or triathlon!

Detoxify – 2009 can be the year that you rid your system of built-up toxins. Whether it’s an herbal cleanse, or a temporary dietary shift, a couple of weeks of a diet heavy in raw foods and clear liquids, absent of junk-artery clogging-preservative filled-foods, is never a bad idea.

Keep Abreast of International Affairs – There’s so much more going on in the world than most popular news outlets care to share. Outside of the African Diaspora, there are endless issues that arise internationally that have a tangible impact on our lives, and provide us with greater insight into the world in which we live.

Step Up Your Technological Scope – Don’t let your lack of technology skills/know-how keep you from experiencing them most from your Blackberry or iPhone. Seriously though, this year, take time to get a little deeper and expand your grasp of those aspects of technology that elude you. There are tons of resources out there for people who want to do anything develop a blog to produce their own music.

Tune Out – Try going for 5-7 days without staring at the tube for large chunks at a time. You may find that you forgot how much you enjoyed reading, or spending quality time with your friends, family – or pets!

Clutchettes and gentleman – as always please feel free to add on to the list!

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