On behalf of “Women’s History Month” someone is taking time out to pay homage to women who are very seldom acknowledged. Some of these women have stood in the shadows of all male crews and rap groups without being noticed or properly promoted. On the flip side, some of these women have actually outshined their male counterparts and made it to the top leaving the guys behind. Who are these women? These women are female Emcees sometimes known as “Femcees”.

As many ill female Emcees as there are out here very few make “Best of” lists or get nominated at award shows. In fact in 2005 the Recording Academy removed the “Best Female Rap Solo Performance” category from The Grammys. Also, let’s not forget how last year in October the VH1 Hip Hop Honors and the BET Hip Hop Awards didn’t nominate a single female rapper. What does it take to get female Emcees recognition? Maybe it’s going to take for women to recognize themselves, like radio personality Nanci-O from North Carolina. On March 14th Nanci-O is hosting the “Women of Hip Hop”, honors, concert, and after-party in Raleigh, NC. This event will exclusively illustrate recognition to women involved in Hip Hop, and have female Emcees and DJs perform. Prior to the honors, concert, and after party on March 5th Nanci-O is showcasing female Emcees on her radio show on WXYC 89.3 FM from 9 p.m. to 12 Midnight. The show is broadcasted in Chapel Hill, NC but, there will also be live streaming from www.wxyc.org. Hopefully, this wonderful chain of events will be the start of a new movement, giving female Emcees the respect they deserve.

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