Sex sells! Songs with male crooners suggesting what they can do for and to a woman raid the radio waves all day, everyday. Catchy hooks stick and are quickly forgotten as new “hits” are played by radio stations. But music like that of Angel Taylor, untainted and idealistic, is the type of music that stays with you for a lifetime. It’s refreshing when someone new comes along and actually sings about true love. The kind of love that makes you smile when reminisced about. That crazy love, that on the edge type of love, that raw, unversed love and in the case of 20 year-old up and coming singer-songwriter, Angel Taylor, that honest, apprehensive, anticipating kind of love.

l_a699e338386a2fd4309b832b12b48bfeEvery lyric from every song is a chapter from this young singer’s life. If you’re wondering what all she could have experienced at such a young age just think about it. You’ve liked a boy you weren’t sure if he knew you existed. You’ve had the awkward moments around the guy you swear you fell in love with at the first sight of him. The scary idea of walking down the busy school hallway, the one you knew he would be hanging around in with his boys, causing you to take an alternate route to your next class. These topsy-turvy, nerve wrecking, nauseating feelings that were still somehow able to leave you gaga, you’ve probably written a few pages or more about yourself, and could probably turn into an entire album too. Angel Taylor takes you back to that time in your life, brings back those roller coaster feelings and let’s you know that there is still the excitement of feelings like this to be felt and love to be had in her new album Love Travels. She presents her experiences of love and love’s mishaps in fresh, easy, as well as upbeat acoustic sounds that she helps create. Yes, she’s also a self-taught musician. In addition to writing all but four songs on the album, which were co-written with others, she has played the piano in every song and guitar in some.

When speaking to the high-spirited singer, you learn that from one stage of life to the next, love and wanting to be loved doesn’t really change. “All of the things that I’ve written about are things that have happened to me.” You have to wonder if she sat down with pen and pad and began to write about her love encounters as they occurred. That’s how vivid her music is. Describing the style of her own music as “coffee shop” couldn’t be more fitting because when you hear the song “Chai Tea Latte”. It will awaken in you fond memories of old love, and just may become your new no caffeine fix.

Angel Taylor’s talent has gained the attention of many already. The New York Post recognizes her as one of “6 Who’ll Sizzle” in 2009 and she’s among Billboard Magazine’s “Faces to Watch”. She’s already had a taste of the glamorous life as she’s been touring and performing in sold out concerts around the country with two-time Grammy award winning British singer Adele, and singer-songwriter Brett Dennen. She’ll return to the road March 27th with Gavin DeGraw, wrapping with Brandie Carlie. She’s even written a song that Toni Braxton fell in love with and ended up recording. However, Angel Taylor is not after the glamorous life. She wasn’t even after a record deal. Only wanting her music on CD so that she could distribute to family and friends for Christmas, God and Columbia Records had quite another plan for this angel. “I just want people to hear my music and hopefully (have it) change people’s lives.” Even her personal style is low-key. Preferring only leggings and long shirts, which happens to currently be a fashionable look, “I never gave physical appearance a thought.” What you see is what you get. Although Angel’s all about what’s simple, carrying only gum and lotion in her clutch, she claims her beauty must-have is blush.

Angel Taylor’s greatest want where her music is concerned is for it to be heard and a message of hope gained in one’s quest for true love,

“There’s so much more that’s out there and love can be found. If you haven’t found it, you can’t give up.”

With a genuine crush for song and a mission to use it as a vehicle to promote faith in love, as well as providing something mainstream radio stations won’t, I can say that Angel Taylor is truly heaven sent.

For more information on Angel Taylor please visit www.angeltayloronline.com.

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