200067036-001There’s no question, sex is a normal, natural – and enjoyable – part of the human experience. Whether you’re celibate or a seasoned sexpert, chances are you know a thing or two about getting it in. Here’s a quiz that will uncover how much know about the science of sex.

1. Which is safe to use with a condom?:

(a) Ky jelly

(b) Vaseline

(c) Baby Oil

2. The most common sexually transmitted disease in the United States is:

(a) HIV

(b) Chlamydia

(c) Syphilis

3. Sperm can live inside a woman’s body for:

(a) Up to 7 days

(b) Up to 24 hours

(c) Up to 48 hours

4. When used correctly, condoms prevent pregnancy :

(a) 98% of the time

(b) 100% of the time

(c) 85% of the time

5. Pre-ejaculation contains sperm:

(a) Always

(b) Sometimes

(c) Never

6. Which of the following methods of birth control is probably the least safe for women?

(a) Female Condom

(b) IUD

(c) Cervical Cap

7. Certain anti-biotics can make the birth control pill ineffective:

(a) True

(b) False

8. People who have been infected with HIV may show symptoms:

(a) Within in 1-12 months

(b) In 10 or more years

(c) Any of the above

9. HIV is spread by means of:

(a) Insect bites

(b) Drinking from the same cup or sharing utensils as someone with HIV

(c) None of the above

10. HIV is CANNOT be found in:

(a) Vaginal & semen secretions

(b) Sweat

(c) Breast milk

11. The primary difference between the clitoris and the penis is that the clitoris:

(a) Has very few nerve endings as compared to the penis

(b) Has considerably more nerve endings than the penis

(c) Only functions as a pleasure center

12. Which one of these is the easiest position for women to reach an orgasm?

(a) Woman on top

(b) Missionary

(c) Hitting it from the back

Sex is a very healthy part of life, but the best sex is safe sex. According to www.blackdoctor.org, adopting healthy habits and avoiding a few dangerous behaviors, you can greatly reduce your STD risk.


1. a 7. a

2. b 8. c

3. a 9. c

4. a 10. b

5. b 11. c

6. b 12. a

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