I think its safe to assume that most fashion-savvy females would love to find a significant other who, amongst other things, has an equal appreciation for fashion as well. In the past, I’ve had encounters with a few fellas who just didn’t give a damn, and things really got frustrating after a while. They rush you out of stores, can’t help you decide which shoes look better with the dress, and don’t even know the difference between basic colors/fabrics: “Why can’t you wear wool in the summer, babe? What difference does it make?”

Now granted, a boyfriend or husband is not meant to be your personal wardrobe stylist, or a maven of style, himself. But it sure helps to be with someone who understands clothing and accessories, and has a look of his own. In a perfect world, your boo would know what’s going on in fashion. He would be able to shop for you without your guidance, and pick out things that you’d rock in a heartbeat. And he’d certainly be able to dress himself without you having to chime in every couple of minutes to avoid a possible train wreck. Ultimately, your looks would complement one another. It would be a perfect fit.

But what happens when you get more than you bargained for, and your man’s appreciation for fashion slowly evolves into a serious obsession? Now, he’s the one taking hours to get ready in the morning, maxing out credit cards on weekly shopping sprees, and checking himself out in every mirror you walk past. And you dare not ask for his opinion on the outfit you’ve picked out for yourself! Nope, he’s too busy getting himself prepped to even care. Hmmmm…

The following are a few telltale signs that your significant other’s fashion obsession has gone overboard:

Now ladies I don’t mean to upset or offend, but if you’ve experienced any of the above signs, you may just want to revaluate your current situation. Aint nothing wrong with a man who keeps himself up, or who’s into fashion. In fact, I lovvvveee a man whose sense of personal style is unique and exciting. But there reaches a point at which “metrosexual” is an understatement, and his obsessive habits are taking away from the relationship, as a whole… Save yourself before you’ve reached that point!

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