Baggage Claim


200187588-003Have you ever wondered why airline carriers started charging their passengers extra fees for additional luggage brought on flights? Yes, the obvious is the economy has every business looking into ways to make and save more money, but there is something meaningful behind the airlines practical reasoning. They realized it cost money, time, resources and fuel to transport loads and loads of luggage brought on by passengers. The usual unnecessary but extra weight was a burden and bank breaker for many of them. Their smartest solution to decrease the bulk of their spending was to begin charging passengers for their additional baggage.

Just like many over-packed daily travelers we women often carry unnecessary weight and baggage with us into relationships. Instead of packing light with just our bare necessities we bring our whole closet on board with the lame excuses of “just in case” and “you never know” as our justification. As a result, our over stuffed “luggage” has caused us pain, loneliness, suffering, and unhappiness. It’s time we re-evaluate our spending and claim back our lives and get rid of some baggage. Just imagine if we were actually charged for every piece of baggage we brought into a relationship. If that was the case, this recession would have started a long time ago for us. We would all be deep in debt and worried to death how we were going to make ends meet. This scenario is no laughing matter, especially when many of us are traveling with plenty of frequent flier miles.

As predicted, it was no surprise when the extra fee policy took effect travelers began to re-evaluate their priorities and what they packed. The small carry-on bags gained popularity and people were more conscientious of what they traveled on board with. Even I, the Queen of the Bag Ladies strategically packed for all my trips questioning every piece of wardrobe I took. Although it’s unfortunate a price tag has to be placed on our belongings to deem them worthy of transit, it does bring value to the fact that all we really need to travel with is our authentic selves and a camera for the memories.

Let’s make it our business to design our own baggage claim policy. We can implement a rule to bring only carry-on bags with us “onboard” into relationships. The bags should weigh no more than what we can handle and only include necessities such as openness, communication, trust and love. Any extra baggage will incur a surcharge of self-reflection, therapy and loss of love. Hopefully with this new rule in place we can lift a burden off of our own shoulders and give our airline of choice a lighter load to carry. Who knows, maybe with this new claim policy we’ll decide to travel less or shorten are trips. Or maybe we’ll decide to forgo all bags completely and purchase new outfits upon reaching our destination. Regardless of how we opt to decrease our baggage, the only thing that matters is that we are. Yet maybe this is the only time losing our luggage wouldn’t be so bad….

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