dailyphoto090316Desiree Rogers an example of executive chic
That the Obamas have turned to Desiree Rogers to help set the cultural tone of the Obama era makes perfect sense to those who know the 49-year-old White House social secretary. A poised, 5-foot-10-inch Wellesley graduate with fashionable, close-shorn hair and a flair for designer clothing, Rogers knows how to get things done, as proven by a varied and successful career in business. But Rogers also knows style: Long before she became associated with the White House, Rogers was profiled in the September 2004 issue of Vogue as evidence “that chic and executive can co-exist.” A native of New Orleans and two-time queen of the Zulu Mardi Gras krewe, Rogers has been a prominent presence on the Chicago social scene since her marriage to (now ex-husband) John Rogers, an Obama confidant and founder of Ariel Investments. (Continue Reading…)

Howard Students Continue Providing Legal Advice to Katrina Victims
Each year, hundreds of students from Howard University — the nation’s largest historically African-American university — forego home or the fun of the beach along the Florida shores or in the Caribbean to venture far from their hometowns to help people less fortunate. March 2009 will mark the fourth year that Howard law students have traveled to New Orleans to provide legal assistance to those affected by Hurricane Katrina. Despite the harsh economic times, Howard students remain committed to helping others. (Continue Reading…)

Michelle Obama Gets Her Own Comic Book
She’s not faster than a speeding bullet or more powerful than a locomotive. Able to leap tall buildings in a single bound? Hardly. But First Lady Michelle Obama is poised to become a superhero next month when a biographical comic book hits the stands. Chronicling Obama’s path from South Side schoolgirl to White House occupant, the comic is part of the “Female Force” series showcasing powerful female leaders. Issues featuring Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton sold out immediately upon their release this week. (Continue Reading…)

scintilla \sin-TIL-uh\, noun:

Brown Skin Lady – Black Star

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