vwilliamsxWilliams Busy with “Betty,” New Album
Vanessa Williams takes a break from playing Wilhelmina Slater on ABC’s Ugly Betty and gets back to making music. She releases The Real Thing, on Concord Records, June 2. Her first album in four years has touches of jazz, samba, salsa, pop and R&B. “I had been wanting to do a Latin-flavored album since I played a ballroom dancer in the (salsa) movie Dance With Me,” Williams says. She called on old friends, including Keith Thomas, who did such hits as Save the Best for Last and Colors of the Wind, and Rob Mathes, who worked on Williams’ Christmas albums. She also sings Babyface songs Loving You and Just Friends. She says Ugly Betty’s schedule will keep her from touring extensively, though she plans to introduce new music at shows in Atlantic City in May. (Continue Reading…)

Kanye West Charged in Airport Scuffle
Rap star Kanye West was charged on Wednesday with battery, theft and vandalism in connection with a September 11, 2008 scuffle with paparazzi at Los Angeles International Airport. The L.A. District Attorney’s Office has accused West, 31, of smashing camera equipment in the encounter. He faces up to two and a half years in prison if convicted on all the misdemeanor charges. West, who won the Grammy in 2005 for best rap album of the year for his release “The College Dropout,” was arrested after the scuffle and released on bail the same day. He is expected to appear in court on April 14. (Continue Reading…)

Bulimia Not Just a Rich, White Disease
Eating disorders have long been characterized as a problem primarily affecting wealthy, white women and teenagers. But new research shows that black girls are more likely than whites to be bulimic. Young women from low-income households were also more likely to be affected by bulimia, researchers found. The study is based on information from a government database of 2,300 girls from schools in California, Ohio and Washington, D.C. (Continue Reading…)

diatribe \DAHY-uh-trahyb\, noun:

Whatever You Say (Remix) – Little Brother

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