abc_wwyd_shopping_while_black_1_090320_mn‘Shopping While Black’: Would You Stop Racism?
When New Yorker Denise Simon goes shopping, she is always on guard. She carries a small bag, keeps her hands visible whenever possible, and makes an effort to be overly friendly to sales clerks. She doesn’t have any reason to be wary except for one thing — she happens to be black. And if she doesn’t take these precautions, she fears she will once again fall victim to racial profiling. Racial profiling in stores is so prevalent that researchers have even given it a name — Shopping While Black. When it happens, black shoppers are made to feel both unwelcome and under suspicion. If you had a front row seat to this kind of racism, would you take action? (Continue Reading…)

Africa Must Stop Relying on Aid: Rwandan President
Rwandan President Paul Kagame on Friday urged African nations to stop relying on foreign aid and work on creating sustainable wealth based on the continent’s rich resources. “It is about time we de-link our continent’s survival and foreign aid. Aid must only be used to mitigate emergency situations,” Kagame said in a lecture at the Nelson Mandela Foundation Centre for Memory and Dialogue. The dialogue is a platform for African leaders to talk about issues of leadership affecting the conflict-ridden continent. “Aid can not be a long term substitute for investment and economic growth. This erodes the dignity and self-worth of Africans,” added Kagame. (Continue Reading…)

Obama to Explain Economic Moves in News Conference
Facing anger over corporate bonuses and skepticism about his massive budget, President Barack Obama holds a news conference on Tuesday to explain his economic strategy to a recession-weary public. The news conference comes a day after Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner announced details of a public-private plan to help rid banks of $1 trillion in assets whose uncertain value plunged the global economy into crisis. Markets jumped 7 percent on the news, but some experts questioned whether the plan would work. Obama, who called the move “one more critical element in our recovery,” was likely to address the plan and other economic issues at the evening news conference on Tuesday. (Continue Reading…)

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