dailyphoto090326Jill Scott in two roles: Detective, mom
Jill Scott is in the home stretch of one life-changing journey and just starting out on another. The singer, poet and actress is expecting her first child April 25 and on Sunday makes her debut in HBO’s The No. 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency (8 p.m. ET/PT), an adaptation of the novels by Alexander McCall Smith. Scott overcame personal obstacles to get the Agency job, in which she plays Precious Ramotswe, owner of a Botswanan detective agency. After auditioning for the late Anthony Minghella, Scott nailed the part but learned that same week that her mother had cervical cancer. Her mother ultimately got a clean bill of health, and as Scott was ready to get on a plane and begin shooting in Africa, she found out that she was seven weeks pregnant. Now, as she and her fiancé, band member Lil’ John Roberts, await the birth of their son, Scott is putting the finishing touches on their new home in Studio City, Calif. The performer, 36, is happy for the miracle she thought could never happen. At age 24, Scott was told by doctors that she would never have children, and they recommended a hysterectomy. (Continue Reading…)

Study Says Pentagon’s Africa Command Needs to Refine Mission
The Pentagon’s new Africa Command is still recovering from early missteps in explaining its missions and purpose, miscues that government investigators say have left lingering fears at the State Department, in Congress and on the continent that the Defense Department is militarizing the nation’s foreign policy in Africa. Investigators also reported problems with the command’s goal of filling its ranks with many more diplomats and civilians from the Treasury, Commerce and other federal departments than traditional military commands. The Pentagon originally planned to draw 125 people — or one quarter of the command’s staff — from other agencies; the number is now hovering at 52. (Continue Reading…)

Sheila Johnson Offers the PGA Tour a Transfusion
You wouldn’t figure Sheila Johnson for a golf mogul. She made her money from a cable-TV network that targeted African-Americans, her first love is the violin, she produces films about women’s issues, and before January she had never played 18 holes. Yet Johnson may be one of the game’s most important new players. Last week, for the second year in a row, the 60-year-old owner and CEO of Salamander Hospitality welcomed the PGA Tour’s Transitions Championship to her 900-acre, 72-hole Innisbrook Resort and Golf Club in Tampa. “I’m the hostess with the mostest,” Johnson says of her role, which included giving tours, presiding at barbecues for the players and their families and screening her new documentary film, A Powerful Noise, for Tour wives. (Continue Reading…)

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