artchiquitatatecnnLawyer stabbed 38 times; husband held
Slain attorney Chiquita Tate was such a believer in the legal system that she had a tattoo of Lady Justice on her back, college friend T. J. Crawford recalled. She just had an attachment to justice and doing what’s right by people. She was always very serious about that,” said Crawford, a teacher and community organizer in Chicago, Illinois. But Tate, described by colleagues as a tenacious defense attorney who fought for her clients, could not save herself.Family members and friends in Chicago; Atlanta, Georgia, and Tate’s adopted home — tiny Baker, Louisiana — are reeling from the grisly details of Tate’s slaying, and police say it was at the hands of her husband, Greg Harris. They had been married about 14½ months. (Continue Reading…)

Should This HBCU Be Saved?
The water is still on at Morris Brown College in Atlanta. At the very last minute, the 128-year-old historically black college came up with the money to pay its past due water bill of $64,887.32 in March. The historically black college was able to tap its proud history. The school reached out to alumni, churches and other supporters to raise $40,000 toward the overdue bill that once topped $300,000. Last month, students, teachers, alumni and others took to the streets and to the phones to raise $150,000 to prevent water services from being cut. (Continue Reading…)

T.Pain Loses Teeth in Golf Cart Accident
T-Pain is said to have broken four teeth and suffered several cuts and abrasions on his face during a freak golf cart accident that took place on Friday. The tumble caused the singer-producer to bail from various projects, including a music video shoot with Lil Kim for their upcoming single, “Download.””He’s gonna be in the video, but we have to wait until he heals and gets better,” Lil Kim told HipHollywood.com. “So, to my boy T-Peezy, ‘Get better baby. We can’t wait to see you.(Continue Reading…)

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