‘He risked the lives of millions of people I have no doubt about that,’ says a former prominent UN worker. ‘We could have planned it better, earlier. We knew that it could happen. Cholera is not a disease that kills so many people.’ ‘We have one toilet for 150 people,’. Frank points at raw sewage dripping from the ceiling into the communal toilets, which are also the only source of water for his building. ‘My sister-in-law, my sister, her son and my brother-in-law all died from cholera’ Cholera is easily preventable but lethal: ‘you can die within a matter of two to three hours’, a doctor explains.

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  • Kojo Bruni

    It’s because Robert Mugabe wont play the white mans puppet. Africa is still suffering white domination, history has never left us, the richest continent in natural resources is being bled dry and they give you another puppet to shut you up. No change in South Africa last president disedited and whites still own and run it.

    so why not do it again 10 yrs on. At least Rob as the bato stand up to the whites afro-americans dont their just happy with a white house N*****

  • Mwoyo Chirandu

    Those of us who live in Zimbabwe know how much our infrastructure has deteriorated coz of America’s Zimbabwe Democracy and Economic Recovery Act which does not allow the country to access lines of credit. Believe it or not, sanctions have killed many people here. And for that reason we will always stand by Robert Mugabe!

  • ceecee

    Are you serious Mwoyo, why aren’t Malawians dying in large numbers like Zimbabweans? Their president is changing the game with how international relations are done without killing off his people.