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  • shalaylie

    oh my god, nasty. do these girls think they have talent? They are NO En Vogue, thats for certain. Unclassy, pock marked uglies. Can you say MAKE UP? Whoever did the make up for this video should be shot…The rope bondage is nice though. Good work Boss.

  • chilllikewhat

    Shalaylie, stop the hatin!! They are farrrr from ugly.

    If you hate that mean you love them anyways which is obvious because you put in the time to actually talk about these girls. You just hate the fact you love them so you hate. They got it and though they don’t care about haters and them… They still doing their thing! Everyone gets hated on no matter who.

  • shalaylie

    lol alright alright…but they really don’t have much talent. I don’t hate them, I just don’t think they are anywhere near the talen of groups like En Vogue or even TLC. they are cheapy knockoffs.

  • shalaylie

    alright no, I had to go back and check myself again. To be sure that I wasnt coming off to harsh. NOPE. They look like dudes in bad drag. Made up to look like white chicks from the 80s. Nasty hair, Nasty faces, and man shoulders. ICKY.

  • Marrissa

    lol… shalaylie..you a trip..mayb your comments did come off a little harsh- BUT ..BUT..BUT maybe you feel that intense because it is an insult to compare these ladies to En Vogue, TLC or any other group that had real talent…sh*t , if En Vogue saw that comment- they’d feel like they did nothing for the music game and probably feel like they had no talent- if this is how low the bar has been set. Yes, these girls are cute, yes, I’v heard they can even dance, the problem is there not in a “pretty faces have moves group” there in a “SINGING” group…and yes-its no secret from the sounds of this song and their other 4 singles- -…they ..ahhh..without sounding too harsh..they VOCALLY MISS THE MARK.
    im sorry- cant do it damn it- they suck! How the heck you gon have a 4 girl group with just one singer who can ONLY hold a melody? NO 4 PART HARMONIES- NOTHING XCITING- JUST- i have a song written by the Dream and hear it goes..” its no wonder why this is there 4rth single and the public is JUST now beginning to look at them..there’s a reason…;-(
    keep up the dancig Electrik Red- but damn if you rely on what your actually required to do… do ray me fa ….