Spring is on the way and that means fresh new fashion and fun trends to play around with and add your 2 cents to. But in this economy who can afford to spend money revamping their wardrobe? Me either. But, following these simple steps to style can save you tons of money and may even keep you from having to spend at all.

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  • Im in my grandmama’s closet all the time! She was very fashionable in her younger days, and still has some of her items hanging up and in good condition. She has started giving me the eye whenever I start looking in her closet so I might have to scale back a lil. In this photo above I am so loving the pink wallpaper. Anybody know where I can get some similar wallpaper at a recessionista price?

  • Ashley

    Nice article!

    Black Girls have been Reccessionistas forever!

  • Ashely …. if you ever read this page again ! You aint tellin no lie honey! We have had to get by on less, and make it look like the best.