Chris Julian I’ve said it time and time again, that there is nothing better than a well-dressed man that takes pride in his appearance. One that has perfected their own personal style but still not afraid to try new looks -– just because. That’s a “Fly Guy” in my book. Here are just a few of my picks in the fashion world that fit this very mold.

Chris Julian // 27, Designer – Stylist
This may or may not being your first time seeing or hearing about Chris Julian. But it most certainly won’t be your last. Most may have become familiar with him through the blog post written about him last year by Kanye West (a noted friend of his) labeling him as a ‘Fresh Kid’. No falsification there. Chris Julian is not only a stylish guy who switches his style up between hip hop cool to GQ sexy but he is also the owner of Fruition, a vintage street wear brand as well as being a stylist to the stars. Not a bad resume for a 27 year old. He is indeed living the life in style.

kanye7000x0400x600Kanye West// 31, Rapper – Designer – Louie Vuitton Don
It’s kind of hard to have a nod to the Fly Guys and not have Kanye West somewhere in the mix – Say what you will but the Louie Vuitton Don knows how to step out in style. Kanye’s style remains classic with the typical formula consisting of a blazer or a vintage jacket, jeans and always a dope pair of kicks. But when he’s not rocking the stage with one of his live performances or making his rounds saying something to shock the world, Kanye can be found at Fashion Weeks all over the world mingling with some of fashion’s best. Fashion is his second love. The rapper/singer (if you will) has even launched his own line of sneakers with Louis Vuitton. Now that’s fly.

deerickypic-1Dee & Ricky// 21, Designers
I think Heath Ledger said it best as The Joker with his “Why so serious?” line. That comes to mind whenever I see wonder twins Dee and Ricky. The young and quirky brothers managed to bring a playful side back to fashion without crossing the line. So much so, that they caught the attention of one of fashion’s biggest names, Marc Jacobs and had their lego belts featured in his Spring 2008 runway show. What a way to make an entrance into the fashion world — definitely a Cinderfella story. Always seen in a fresh pair of kicks and a throwback street style, Dee & Ricky have been unstoppable with their cute lego heart pin, which has been seen attached to of some of the industry’s elite. The best is yet to come for the young Staten Island duo.

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