84552004If you haven’t figured this out by now, one of the most futile mistakes a woman can make, is to think she can mold the man that she digs into her perfect mate. The plain and simple fact is that you can’t change anyone accept yourself. So when searching for a man, it’s imperative that you make an unwavering effort to find a guy who compliments your personality, values and lifestyle.

While it may be tempting to view certain men as a work in progress, it’s more important to seek out fellas who are ‘complete’, meaning they meet you more than halfway in terms of matching your fly. How, you may ask, do you find the right fit? Two crucial ideas come to mind. You stand a good chance finding “Mr. Right Up My Alley” by attending activities and events that peak your interest. Are you obsessed with a healthy lifestyle? Then your perfect mate may be found at your gym, or local organic produce store. If you’re more of the chill type who prefers reading and watching films, a reading of your favorite author or film festival could be an excellent place to “shop” for your potential mate.

Many of us may be too busy with work and family to get out as much as we like, which makes the Internet an ideal means to find a guy that matches your fly. Online dating sites may be rife with unsavory fellows, but there are also some really great guys on the look out as well. One of the key things to remember when using any method in your quest for a partner is to drop the desperation. Hold your values, interests and standards firm, and never compromise for the sake of having a companion. Set your intention: To meet a “complete” man who is on you your level, and have no reservations. Once that happens, you’ll know you’ve found the perfect match.

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