Hi Everyone!

One of my favorite websites “In Her Shoes” did a profile on little ole’ me. Thanks to one of my favorite media moguls/fashionistas Renae Bluitt for the wonderful opportunity to be featured on her website. Please run over to “In Her Shoes” and check out all the fabulous content (and my interview) that “In Her Shoes” offers. Also, please make sure you bookmark the site and tell-a-friend about it too — it’s the blog to watch in 2009.

Check out my interview here….

Some of my favorite posts thus far from “In Her Shoes

For more information on In Her Shoes please visit www.inhershoesblog.com.


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  • ceecee

    awww suki suki now! that was a great interview!

  • Hi Dede! I read your interview at “In her shoes” and I loved it. It was fun to get to know you more and also see that we share the same ideals and mission and we reflect it through our sites.

    Congrats for all the new features. I love your blogs and I look forward to the two new ones. Keep on going, you are doing a great job! You are someone to look up to, truly inspiring.

    Revista Caoba

  • Shi

    Hey Dede,

    What a great interview!!!! I just want to let you know that each and every time I read Clutch I am inspired to be better. You are right where God wanted you to be. You show us young women of color that there are many options for us when we just follow our passion and not the money.

    Thank you for following your passion. Your gifts have made room for you.

    Continue to be Bless & be Blessed.