la8456-001As a community we are not truly discussing sex. Whether it’s in terms of STD’s and fear or enjoyment and pleasure, lately everything I overhear about sex is casting the act in the most negative terms.

Irresponsibility aside, sex is meant to be safe, fun and completely open to one’s own interpretation. Women are unquestionably more sexual beings than men, which explains why more of us are exploring strip clubs, swinger spots and attending toy parties and stripper pole workouts. What is most exciting about sex has been castigated and relegated to homophobic, lackluster missionary madness; when in reality, 78 percent of women in relationships use some kind of sexual aid, according to a report released during the 2nd Women’s Sexual Health State-of-the-Art Series conference.

Perhaps this is why alternative lifestyles are not tolerated by society in general. Frequent and good sex is both a health and wellness issue and one of delight and gratification. Religion, media and other enforced differences can be identified as culprits. Many of us spend our adult years breaking free from the anti-sex teachings of our church and elders. I meet far too many women who have never had an orgasm or swear they don’t enjoy sex, whether it’s with a man, woman or alone.

Sexual exploration is key to satisfaction. You can’t be scared of your body if you ever seek to truly enjoy it. Great sex is great when we release all of our inhibitions, hang ups and insecurities and allow ourselves to feel some of the most natural and wonderfully powerful sensations we can have as human beings.

I wonder why, however, sex can’t be more of a public topic. A lot of what I have experienced in love and relationships, both memorable experiences and those I wish I could forget, have been experienced by my other women friends as well. Yet, it is only during some power patio drinking that all of these moments get some conversation time. People probably fear being scrutinized for some of their freakier fantasies, but if you can’t comfortably explain what you like or enjoy sexually, then you probably shouldn’t be doing it. The good news is that there is no right or wrong way to enjoy sex, unless your enjoyment comes at the harm or detriment of someone else. Consenting adults and consensual sex is key for a really exciting time.

Discussing sex in a more frank manner would remove a huge chunk of the derogatory mystique associated with the act. All women inevitably are victimized through this silence, frequently through the virgin/slut conundrum. As us ladies are taught to be sexual beings only behind closed doors, we work diligently to maintain the image that we fall somewhere in the middle, irrespective of the reality that the scale may tip toward one side more than the other. The effort of maintaining an air of virginity or experience is pointless and time consuming. The result is always the revelation that you either talk a good game or you are great at being discreet, but in either scenario, you are ultimately exposed in the end.

We all like to pretend we don’t do the do, but anyone over the age of 20 knows better. No need to twitter a moment by moment account of your bedroom behavior, but be honest. Be realistic with your mate, folks you trust and the only person who really matters–yourself–about what you want, who you want, and how you want it.

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