80470189246Q: I have very thin eyelashes and barely their eyebrows is there anything I can do them to make them fuller? You can go the fake route. For the lashes you can learn how to apply false lashes or get lash extensions. For the brows buy brow filler and pencils. But I came across another option recently. Dea Bella Eyelash Conditioner ($150, http://deabella.com) a thickening, lengthening serum designed for application to skimpy lashes and brows once daily. They guarantee that you will have naturally beautiful eyelashes in as few as 2-8 weeks. So why spend money on fake lashes, lash extensions and eyebrow fillers when you can grow your own lashes and brows.

ef8491047060e6fc_shampooxlargeQ: I have dry color treated hair. Should I be using products geared towards color treated hair? Yes. If you have hair that has been colored your hair has special needs and has to be treated with products that address these issues. Harsh sulfates, harsh surfactants and salts found in traditional hair products dull color and damage already fragile hair. You need a product that doesn’t contain these and that works to moisturize hair strands.

Products like those found in L’Oreal Paris New EverPure Color Care System ($6.99-$8.99, lorealparis.com and chain, drug and food stores nationwide). EverPure brings advanced technology and incredible color care together. Because it doesn’t use the harsh ingredients of other products on the market, EverPure is able to deliver long-lasting color purity with their Anti-Fad System shampoos and conditioners. You will be impressed with the way the ultra-creamy shampoo softens hair and the conditioner doesn’t weigh hair down. Choose from Extra Nourishment, Frizz Fighting, Volumizing, and Extra Protection. All designed to keep your color and hair looking its best.

volumizze-glossQ: With all the straightening, blow drying and styling I do to my hair it is really starting to look flat and lifeless. Any suggestions how to get some body back into my hair? Even if you spend all day trying to get your hair straight and smooth you still want to have a little bit of body in it. What happens is with repeated straightening and moisture loss your hair can dry out and look lifeless. I would first suggest you use a product like P2 InCrease Volumizze Conditioner ($29.95, philippelusi.com). This shampoo dramatically increases volume of fine limp hair. InCrease Shampoo has 15 phyto-essential ingredients that provide protein and strength and maximum volume. Lo-softening formula produces a gleaming soft finish without weighing down hair.

247Once your hair feels clean and has more life. Use a product that helps create volume and shine. My favorite by far is Ted Gibson’s Build It Blow-Drying Agent ($28, target.com). It builds ultimate body and volume for hair no matter what the texture by using a Merlot complex. The complex is inspired by the secrets of red wine and it creates luscious body, bold movement and intense shine to your hair. Perfect for hair that is thin, flat or dry. Hair instantly has body.

2484. Due to the recession I need to buy some hair products that give me more bang for my buck. Do you have a few recommendations of products that are low on price but high on results? The recession has hit a lot of us hard and all indicators are saying that it’s going to get worse before it gets better. So looking for budget friendly beauty products is a good way to save money every month. If your look for hair products your in luck because they are a number of excellent products out there that won’t break your bank.

249If you go to your local drug or beauty supply store you can find two product lines that contain every product you need all for $3.99. The first is Optimum Oil Therapy by Softsheen Carson is full line of hair care, which utilizes an innovative blend of natural micro-oils that soothes dry scalps without leaving a buildup. The formula contains essential oils like jojoba, olive and coconut to help promote hair growth. The line includes products such as an Ultimate Recovery Shampoo and Conditioner, an Over-Nite Strengthener and 3-in-1 Oil Moisturizer. These products all feel and act like products 3x the price.

The second line is Let’s Jam Style Control products. These new products work hard to give you styling options that moisturize and shine. The line of products includes: Styling Spritz, Hair Polish and Sculpting Liquid Wax. Sometimes with less expensive lines they dry your hair out and leave your hair dull. But this line keeps hair looking vibrant and smooth with ingredients like glycerin, vitamins A and B complex and wheat protein. Your hair and wallet will thank you.

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