logicsI love technology. I like to be able to watch a movie on-demand, record my favorite programs even when I am not home, send email from my phone and warm my car up before I even go outside. I can’t imagine life without my iPhone or my high speed Internet. Technology is my friend and I fully embrace it. I search for ways to incorporate the latest and greatest technology in every thing I do. And now that even includes protecting my hair color.

Logics Color DNA System uses cutting edge Dual Net Affinity technology to provide continuous protection against color-depleting forces from the environment and daily heat styling ($22-$24, logicshair.com). The technology is broken down by Nets. Net 1 replenishes hair and helps protect against fade accelerators. While Net 2 polishes the hair’s surface for glossy shine reflection. Combining to create a system that works hard to defend pure tone color that has vibrancy, mirror-like shine and likened texture.

The Logics Color DNA System Styling includes four new styling products. The Contouring Paste ($24) creates modern design with flexible separation, touchable texture and a natural –looking finish. Easy to use and not sticky. The Geometric Design Gel ($22) provides medium hold, control and direction with a shiny, manageable finish. Aerial Liquid Volume ($22) adds weightless volume, lasting lift and thickness for luxuries full-bodied style. Gloss Balm ($22) can be sued to define, piece and polish hair. It works great to help illuminate color and leave hair with a smooth, frizz-controlled finish. Makes hair feel and look more healthy and vibrant.

And don’t worry even if you don’t know the difference between a Blackberry and an iPhone you can use this technology to keep your color looking beautiful.

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