Ladies in Dark
The all black ensemble no longer needs to be feared; Versatility can come with this look and we believe it should be worn by everyone and not just on Halloween or to a funeral. Yes, color always adds to a look but there isn’t anything as sleek and fine lined as an ensemble in a rich black silk, satin, or cotton material. The key to this look is with finding what style works best for you and wearing it with confidence! Why let all the rock stars have all the fun on stage? We too can rock out, be BOLD and edgy with our wardrobe. There is a rock star in you just dying to hit that high note, so it high time you let it out. There are tons of ways to carry out this look- You could go rocker chic by pairing a leather jacket with studded accessories, which always works great for a night out on the town; or opt for something more romantic by pairing your ensemble with black lace or organza detailing- As the seasons roll along be sure to wear fabrics that reflect the climate change..

Trend Watch
We’ve always been cheerleaders of statement jewelry. These are the pieces that add the finishing touch to your wardrobe, OR the timeless gems that you just can’t live without. For the past few years we’ve all seen heavy 80’s retro chains and chunky statement necklaces adorned on the necks of our favorite fashionistas and not to mention making frequent appearances on the must have lists of every fashion magazine. Well in 2009 a new wave is coming, It’s the year of the Statement EARRINGS – Think Big, BOLD, chunky, colorful, and creative when choosing your eccentric pair. It’s imperative to remember that these pieces stand strong on their own so avoid making an accessory clutter by wearing too much at once. Every fashionista should master the fundamental mathematics to style; knowing where and when to add or subtract from any look.

While we are on the subject of mathematics; one of the oldest sciences familiar to man is the part of math concerned with questions of size, shape, and relative position of figures and with properties of space, known as Geometry. The focus placed on dimension, symmetry, pattern, lines and shapes is what makes the visual nature of geometry appealing, and allows for an easy transition between the Math and fashion world. We can now see today’s top fashion designers showcasing their understanding of Geometry and artistic expression of patterns with their latest 09’ collections and ad campaigns seen in Vogue, Harpers Bazaar, Elle and the likes. For Poodle Pusher this fad should have come sooner, because as you may now know we are junkies addicted to the idea of mixing different clothing patterns and textures. The geometric print trend is a really great way to be adventurous with your look this year. Here are a few geometric designer looks that we loved this season!



Every once in a while the Fashion scene gets graced with a new riveting designer with raw talent. Top pick on our Designer watch list this year certainly has to be Aschobi Designs by Adama Kai. Coming back from our trip to Africa last December 2008, we really got acquainted with a lot of amazing designers whose inspiration and influence lie deep-rooted within the African culture. This strong association is evident in the collections by Aschobi Designs; here is our introduction…..


Unfortunately, we have to bid adieu to you all, for now but we would still love to answer any questions you have or read your comments, and feedback. Till next time….

Keep Pushing~
Poodle Pusher

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