• jazzalin

    mannnnn diz chit is soooo damn childish

  • crys

    I did not even listen to the whole thing and am starting to regret that I even spent 4 minutes of my life watching and reading this. This is small and stupid. Ciara and Keri have ended what ever was there, if there was even anything there, which there most certainly was not. Bottom line is they are both entertainers and darn good ones (Beyonce too!) and the music industry is about entertaining so the song was just that- a song nothing more nothing less. Lets move on, they clearly want to, so to the media (who is fueling this non-beef, beef–notice how when c and k moved on the dj was still asking questions about the song!!), give it up and turn it loose!!! Futhermore, this is one of the reasons why I an not listening to, watching or reading about petty things like this anymore.

  • jae

    keri need to chill out she just start singing not to long ago. And beyonce might be getting older not old but she still got it her and ciara keri just need to quit her hating on these girls and keep liking lil wayne