You ever sit home staring at the television, shake your head and pick fun at broadcasters or television personalities and wonder why in the hell they all look, act and sound alike? Well, as the ’09 delivers new change, Clutch has stumbled on a bona fide television host that’s not only a really fun and bubbly on-air personality but a producer whose striding to make a mark as she maneuvers her way onto becoming a household name — Kela Walker. Walker, a North Carolina born optimist is aiming to become media’s new tastemaker in delivering the latest in on-point entertainment.

After the determined college graduate experienced the many trials of interning and breaking into the business, Walker stumbled at a position that landed her more than a temp job in the span of 9 months. Taking those big leaps from being an assistant to an on-air personality for her own show, “Kela on the Karpet,” on NYCTV has led the very beautiful and savvy Walker to interview everyone from Denzel Washington to Sarah Jessica Parker at countless celebrity events. As Walker takes a brief hiatus on the show, hosts and produces her entertainment vlog Apple Juice where she explores her beginnings and what’s to come.

Clutch: There’s always an interesting story or hunch that has influenced many to go into the field that they are in. Why did you decide to go into the television field?
Kela Walker: Well in high school I was really trying to figure out what I was going to do. I knew that I loved fashion and I loved television. I wondered how could I expand on it and make it a career. Everybody kept telling me to try venturing into television. But what really made me interested is that when I was growing up I can’t really recall anyone on television that looked like me. I didn’t know what it would encompass but I knew it was a field where I could see myself doing my thing. I always did internships in television, anywhere I could get my foot in the door where I can learn and get the experience. Interning may sound cliché, but it’s very beneficial. And I always tell people to think out of the box, those big name media companies may not always grant you the things you need to learn where as grassroots, unconventional companies can give you that platform to do big things.

Clutch: NYCTV is a very small network that has awesome shows on NY life and culture. It seems like it’s one of New York’s best-kept secrets? How did you get connected with NYCTV?
Kela Walker: Thinking out the box again, after I graduated I found a temp agency that specialized in finding jobs in the entertainment and television industry. I was an assistant but I offered to help out more in the production aspect. It so happened that I was there at a really good place at a really good time where the company was in transition. So my temp position later became permanent as I took on opportunities to prove myself. I was a rookie to the tenth degree but an opportunity came at hand where I would be producing my first show called, “Fashion in Focus.” After producing I became an on-air and behind the scenes personality. It’s been so important working at NYCTV because being that it’s a smaller production company I was and still am able to wear a lot of hats opposed to a bigger network where this opportunity would have probably not been granted.

Clutch: What is everyday for Kela?
Kela Walker: Everyday is different, some days I am in the office and some days I am out. Conceptualizing ideas, stories, researching, editing, making sure that everything is together. I’m basically prepared to take on the expected and unexpected because things don’t always go as planned and that’s pertaining to everything like scheduling, meeting deadlines, wardrobe — there’s always changes. Its still very much grassroots, but I manage to always get the job done.

Clutch: This field is competitive but there’s something about you that makes us think you are going to become a household name pretty soon. Are you planning to build on the Kela Walker brand?
Kela Walker: Being I guess a little younger than those who are like ten years deep in this business you always get that cold shoulder at times but I always say “don’t let anyone take your joy away.” As I move forward in my career, I’m being open to the opportunities that are presented in front of me. My focus is to choreograph my career as to where I can really showcase my talent as an on-air personality and producer. I’m really happy; everyday I hope that my next move can be my best move!

For more information on Kela Walker please visit www.myspace.com/kelawalker.

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