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Simone Williams is quite the melting pot of a designer. She knows how to effortlessly fuse together: sophistication, sensuality, femininity and edginess in her collections and manages do it so that it all works together with a unique and modern twist. No matter what look you’re trying to achieve, be it daily street wear or classy evening gowns, The Simone Williams Label has something for every discerning fashionista that wants the attention focused solely on her.

Simone Williams has come a long way from her younger years of designing Doll’s clothes for friends and immensely watching her Grandmother and Aunts design clothes. She took her obvious love of the craft of design, put a plan to action and started her own label, The Simone Williams Label in 2004. Starting off as a new designer is never an easy task. Simone’s most difficult challenge was getting her name out there to the masses. But it was through the positive praises from those who viewed her work that kept the flustered designer motivated to continue pursuing her dreams. Through all the hard work and tough times, Simone has gradually managed to build a name for herself over the years as an established designer in the London fashion scene.

By having such a unique creative vision for her brand, The Simone Williams label is highly sought after by top stylists and their celebrity clients. With a newly launched ready to wear brand “Saw U” and her Spring ’09 collection, “Fusion” currently in the works, Simone is well on her way to make her brand a national and international household name.

Clutch: Tell us the exact moment you knew that you wanted to become a fashion designer.
My granny and auntie also design and make clothes, I used to watch them make garments growing up and it inspired me. I used to design draw clothes all the time, and made my own doll’s clothes from an early age. I have always been extremely passionate about my craft I decided I wanted to be a designer from a young age. My love for it led me into the business.

Clutch: You are from East London, Hackney to be exact, how would you describe the current fashion scene there? Do you incorporate any of those looks/style into your brand?
The scene in Hackney is extremely eclectic – you have everything from the “label junkies” to the “vintage vixens”. Its good to be somewhere that is so full of creativity – its helps to inspire me.

Clutch: What has been your biggest struggle thus far for your label? How did you overcome it?
There is not enough support from the government. I feel as though there is about a 10 to 1 chance of actually getting any support that is currently available. I have found it hard and sometimes I have to work long hours. The business is more manageable now however as I have a business partner, Ronke Lawal who helps with the business.

Clutch: What attributes or characteristics do you think a brand should have in order to be successful in the industry?
Be unique and refreshing but also be aware of what the market wants – know who your market is and build your brand based on that. If you have confidence and a strong brand image you should be successful.

Clutch: How did you decide on your signature look for the brand?
I love the feel and look of leather, chiffon and satin, which is why you’ll find it incorporated into a lot of the collection.

Clutch: What subjects inspire you? How do you keep fresh ideas for your collections?
Anything and everything inspire me. My 06 collection was inspired by Marilyn Monroe and flower petals whilst this year’s collection was inspired by the city landscape of London.

Clutch: Your latest collection is entitled, “Fusion”. What made you decide on that name and what was the concept behind this collection?
It’s a mix of day and evening wear which maintains the femininity of the Simone Williams brand but fuses lots of fabrics and colours to make a statement.

Clutch: When your career has reached its peak and you’re ready to retire, what do you want to be known for? What do you want your legacy to be?
To be known for creating beautiful clothes for women all over the world. My legacy to be a consistent and passionate designer.

For more information on Simone Williams please visit www.simonewilliams.co.uk.

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