81904626d634a17562f5342b94eb280d30d12444 I am fully aware that its still winter. Mother nature has done a good job of making sure I don’t forget it by continuing to bring snow, frigid weather and blasting winds my way. And according to the groundhog we have six more weeks of winter. Thanks groundhog.

Well if you are anything like me, you need a little shot of spring beauty to help you get the last part of this winter. A light at the end of the tunnel. So I have compiled a sneak peek list of some skincare products (from your lips to your hands) that you can look forward to seeing being used by beautiful women every where this spring. And remember this is just a quick glance there are more amazing things coming your way for Spring 09.

AB hands ($95, abskincare.com) As I am getting older I am paying more attention to my skin. Especially the skin on my face, neck and hands. This spring I am going to pay focused attention on my hands. Lucky for my hands I found AB hands by Dr. Austin. This wonder crème contains 15% super-strength glycolic treatment pads for the hands especially formulated for the thicker skin on hands. It works to reduce fine lines, exfoliates and builds collagen. And it eve lightens minor scars and sunspots. Take care of skin this spring.

beautyrose_2044_12639650Clarins Skin Care Hydra Quench Cream Mask ($35, clarinsusa.com) Clarins a leader in skincare brings us this ultra-hydrating mask to help return skin to its natural beauty in time for spring. The Hydra Quench Cream Mask intensively hydrates and revitalizes dry, tired winter skin. It works to create balanced hydration, helping to preserve skin’s freshness all day long. The formula uses Katafay bark to boost natural hydration and smooth fine lies caused by dehydration. It also incorporates Sorbier tree bud that stimulates microcirculation and ensures radiant healthy skin. My skin was left looking radiant, vibrant and healthy.

_5165966AHAVA Skin Replenisher ($48, ahavaus.com) This nourishing night crème is perfect for dehydrated skin. It’s an ultra-rich cream that improves skin’s elasticity and suppleness from the first time you slather it on. Skin Replenisher rejuvenates very dry skin with natural hydration at nighttime while you sleep. Wake up in the morning to soft, supple skin that looks and feels refreshed. A must have for the spring.

p220707_heroJuice Beauty Organic Lip Moisturizer ($15, juicebeauty.com) This spring Organic is the way to go. Take charge of what you’re putting on and putting in your body (you know some of the lip balm is going to end up in your belly). Organic Lip Moisturizer blends nourishing shea and cocoa butter with sweet tasting organic orange and vanilla for organic, kissable lips. Its nutrient rich, emollient and protective. Perfect for the spring.

5693Nutri-Delice Delicious Ultra-Nourishing Creamm ($58, decleor.com) Spring is all about healthy, beautiful, glowing skin. And there is no quicker way to get then with this Nourishing Cream. It is ideal for comforting and soothing very dry fragile skin. The cream is an enriched and highly balanced “meal” for the skin. It combines all the energizing and nutritious qualities of a delicious concentrate of cereals and essential oil with all the pleasure of a soft and delicious texture.

_5788890Dior ‘Capture Totale’ Radiance Enhancer Serum ($135, nordstrom.com) Top of the line skin care reaches new level this spring with this highly effective formula. Restore radiance and youthful glow to the skin. The formula works to restore color and texture to the skin. While the complexion is immediately brightened and becomes luminous. Use as a complement to the other products in the Capture Totale line. It will extend the product’s efficiency and can even be used as an alternative to foundation. A great way to rejuvenate dull skin.

6456xlSundari Supplifying Omega 3 And Flax Seed Body Exfoliator ($76, sundari.com) Exfoliate the winter away with this supplifying flaxseed and sugar body exfoliator. It will gently exfoliate, renew and nourish the body with natural ingredients. The exfoliator blends rich oils and fine-to-coarse whole sugars to create a product that smooth’s skin and is course enough to get rough patches. The Body Exfoliator also soothes skin irritations, moisturizes skin and helps to stimulate cell renewal. My skin was left feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

p227806_heroPhilosophy Cinnamon Hot Dots™ Shampoo, Shower Gel & Bubble Bath ($16, philosophy.com) After a long boring winter I want a sizzling fun spring. I want to bath in this fun sweet scent put on my highest heels and hit the town. This delectable daily cleansing formula produces a rich lather and is infused with a scintillating cinnamon scent inspired by tasty hot dot candies. It leaves skin smelling clean and leaves you ready for some fun. I love the high lather formula that creates lots of suds without much product. A create addition to your shower routine.

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