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  • t

    I blame Texas

  • t

    I am just hoping Tyra manged to find the most ignorant people in America…because if these are the views of the average person i need to find a private island to move too…lol
    Im sorry but Christain has a lot of nerve. He wantsto stereotype black people as poor and on welfare…while his black roommate has a trust fund and his white self has to work to put himself through college…because his family doesn’t have any money. poor broke hillbilly..buy a map you ignoramus there is more to the world than Texas. I don’t believe he intends to change at all.

  • Nic

    I’m glad Tyra did the show because these views definitely still exist and are being passed down to our youth. I do wish she’d of done a better job into WHY what they were saying is so ignorant. It’s like she asked them what they thought, an ignorant comment would come out of their mouth and then they would just move on to the next question. Someone should make a documentary about this.. because 40 minutes is NOT enough time.

    Just think.. if that boy Christian only knew about Mexico and Cuba just IMAGINE what he thinks Africa consists of. We need to do better.

  • I get really tired of these shows about race. Everyone has their hangups no matter how enlightened they think they are.