traceyDon’t Upset The Rhythm

If you know us, you know we are BIG international music heads. We love learning about and vibing to all the awesome talent from around the world. With that being said, we want you to meet one of our favorite indie bands we have been bobbing to for a while now – the Noisettes (occasionally written as NOISEttes). Shingai Shoniwa, who happens to be the front woman of the indie-pop trio is not only stunning but the girl is FLY! Check them out at www.thenoisettes.com and look for them on Clutch real soon!

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  • Nice!!!!! Very eclectic…

  • ceecee

    yay!! love them….well mainly cos of Shingai!

  • Thats hot!! love some electro indie.

  • Nanie

    Why is the lead singer biting off of Janelle Monae’s hair do?!!! If you are going to be original, fine. But be WHOLE! Complete in your originality and that includes your hair. IF your readers like different kinds of music, the Noisettes are cool, they could try JANELLE MONAE or a more alternative RES. I listen to everything.