79214450Congratulations – you’re having a baby! Now through all the changes going on with your life and body (ugh!), you’ve got a grand task ahead of you: Whatever will we name this little bundle of joy?

For many families, a baby name is the least of anyone’s concerns during this exciting time. It was decided long ago that you and your spouse would keep the family tradition going strong by passing on the names of your elders. [Sidenote: Both of my middle names belong to my grandmothers, so I’m all too familiar with this one.] Or perhaps you’ll just take the safe route. I suppose there’s nothing wrong with another little Ashley or Brittany, Justin or Anthony – right? I guess.

But for others, the naming process is the time to finally express one’s innermost most creative desires. The world is yours and you’ve made up your mind that you’re gonna get funky with it! If your baby is going to be the superstar that you always dreamed of becoming, he or she will have to have a name that sets them apart from the rest. Uh huh, they’re going to be unique, alright.

Sometimes, though, things don’t turn out so great. Not for the child, at least. Here are a few common “uh-oh” errors that occur in our community when it comes to naming our newborns.

The 7 [Potentially] Deadly Sins of Baby Naming:

Now on a more serious note, as entertaining as the conversation of baby names can get, the social implications of these decisions are very serious and long lasting. Keep in mind that your child will have to spell this name everyday for the rest of their life. Is it something that can be sounded out, or even remembered for that matter? Also, I’m sure you remember your grade school days. Children are very cruel, so let’s hope we’re not giving our kids a name that will make them the constant subject of humility and shame. And of course, as little boys and girls become grown men and women, they will need to find a job. Will this name be the cause for instant résumé rejection or discrimination in the workplace? Some things to think about.

We all know that you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover – or title, in this case. But the sad truth is: people do it everyday. If you or anyone else you know has been set up in the name game, let’s stop the cycle here and help a baby out! They’ll appreciate you for it in the long run.

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    for those of you who don’t know why our community began giving our children such unusual name. i once read it was an attempt to reclaim ethnic identity, after centuries of ethnic names being removed and replaced with euro names during captivity, but it has gotten out of control due to the fact extremely illiterate and uneducated individuals are naming their children after any and everything regardless of the origin, erectile disfunction medication or a vehicle they will never own even see in person. unfortunately for the name mercedes, which was a common name for germany girls long before the car company existed, (infact the car was named for the creators daughter)it is now ghetto-not-so-fab!!! my little sis is having a baby girl and is going to give her some god awful name. i am so glad my father prevented my mother from naming me peaches!!!! now done get me wrong there is nothing wrong with a unique name, infact i encourage it, but their is a difference between unique and absurd!! i believe your name partially effects who you become, i have never met a doctor, lawyer,professor, or rocket scientist named bonquesha!!! i think it should have been a heads up when these names became the butt-end of lame mad tv jokes!!!

  • k

    “i am so glad my father prevented my mother from naming me peaches!!!!” LOL
    you are funny and Solange middle name is “Plaget” what in the french creole hell!!!!!

  • A name is for life. Got to make sure its right.

  • Janee Michele

    WHATEVER! I am thankfully (and regretfully) apart of an extremely small-minded bunch who refuse to think independently.
    Best of everything, and go with God!