If you ever come to my bathroom you will notice a few things that never change. There are always two fluffy white towels ready for duty next to my shower, I only use Charmin toilet paper and I always have a bottle of Pantene Conditioner somewhere in the bathroom. I don’t care how many products I test and use I still continue my relationship with Pantene.

But even the best relationships need to change things every once in a while. So that’s why I was super excited when I found out Pantene is releasing a new collection of products that mixes the best Pantene’s Pro-V technology with naturally derived ingredients. The Pantene Pro-V Nature Fusion Collection ($3.99-$5.99, Drug and Food Stores Nationwide) unlocks the power of nature to help clean, heal and moisturize hair. Using the power of Cassia seed extract, the Pantene-Pro V Nature Fusion Shampoos clean hair while leaving it naturally radiant and strong. The Conditioner uses naturally derived ingredients that help improve manageability and conditioned.

There are two collections to choose from, Nature Fusion Moisture Balance and Nature Fusion Smooth Vitality. Both lines work to create naturally beautiful hair but the Moisture Balance focuses on delivering moisture and protecting hair and the Nature Fusion Smooth Vitality keeps hair smooth and frizz free. There is also a delicious Smooth Vitality Smoothing Crème that resists humidity and strengthens hair against damage. I got the chance to test out the Moisture Balance products and was highly impressed. The shampoo cleaned my hair without making it dry and the conditioner left my hair soft and more manageable.

So I guess some things do change. I will still have the towels out and the Charmin toilet paper but now instead of my old Pantene bottle there will be a bottle of Pantene Pro-V Nature Fusion.

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