Why I Love Nerds



While growing up, my father used to say to me:

“The nerds are winning!” I always attributed this to the dominance of the Revenge of the Nerd films during the 80’s. Then one day, I distinctly remember his mantra being replaced with “The nerds have WON.”

This ominously humorous phrase resonated within me, and although I’d laugh at his statement, I felt the sobering truth of it all.

The term nerd is a broad one indeed these days, but Merriam-Webster defines is as an unstylish, unattractive, or socially inept person especially one slavishly devoted to intellectual or academic pursuits. For many women, the term nerd leaves a bad taste in there mouths, resulting in an accompanying scowl of disapproval. But there are some of us who like to adopt a more flexible definition of the term.

I love nerds because I see a ‘nerd’ as an intelligent man who isn’t afraid to be himself, despite what society may expect from him. Yes, we’re talking about a man who’s into books, technology, science, or a whole host of heady pursuits and he’s not afraid to hide it. True, he may be on a profound quest for knowledge, but my kind of nerd also knows, when and how, to have a good time.

Speaking of Black Nerds, there are a handful of those who have used their advanced intellect to propel themselves to massive heights. Popular figures such as scientist Neil deGrasse Tyson and even President Barack Obama (arguably the coolest nerd there ever was) come to mind. These days, many so-called nerds from the younger set represent guys who are not solely concerned with matters of T & A. The term ‘alternative’ is often used in conjunction when describing Kanye West or Pharrell. Fellas like these may engage in their fair share of un-nerdlike activities, but they also appear to go their own way and conduct themselves in a matter indicative of some bona fide intellect.

So, as it stands, my father was right. The fellas who come out on top are not the ones who concern themselves with matters of triviality, but men who are focused on substance, growth and success, which is precisely why nerds rule.

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