51a-gsds0kl_aa400_Q: I am traveling for spring break. What are some simple tips to keep my beauty bag light as possible?
A: Pack items that take up as little space as possible and give you a lot of bang for your buck. I would limit myself to something for my eyes, mascara, a lip-gloss and a bronzer. I wouldn’t bring my most expensive, favorite product (trust me I have had my favorite Nars Body Oil taken away at the security). Instead bring affordable products that are light on your wallet and light in your bag. Two must haves for your bag are Pixi Eye Beauty Kit by Petra ($28, pixibeauty.com). This slim kit contains eight silky shimmering shades. Each shade can be worn wet for a more intense color perfect for nighttime fun or worn dry for a softer color for perfect for the day. The colors will take you from innocent to sultry in seconds. And it comes with a perfect mini eye brush. I like the kits so much I keep one in my car and purse for just in case touch ups.

200Also try the Colgate Wisp ($2.39 for 4 Pack, Drug Stores Nationwide). The Wisp is a single-use, mini toothbrush with a breath freshening bead to give you a clean, fresh mouth with no water or rinsing required. Pack a couple of these brushes that are smaller than a lip gloss and you will have no need to pack your brush and toothbrush. And not only is it a good way to clean your teeth and freshen your breath but it keeps your regular brush from having to travel and getting dirty. That alone makes the Wisp a must have.

11ogcdu8zl_sl500_aa125_Q: I am going to be in and out of the water during my upcoming vacation. I am going to slather on my sunscreen but I am still worried about the effects of chlorine and salt water on my hair and skin. What products do you suggest I use?
A: I am glad to hear that sunscreen is already part of your plan. And you’re right to be worried about the effects of both chlorine and salt water on your hair and skin. Both can be extremely drying and damaging. Phytoplage has created a line of products that help protect your hair from the effects of sun, salt and chlorine. Phytoplage Protective Sun Veil Spray forms an invisible screen to protect hair from the drying effects of the sun, seawater, chlorinated water and the wind. ($20, phytoplage.com). With a synergy of plant extracts like rosemary, juniper, sage and lemon helps nourish, moisturize, protect and soften the hair. Spray this on after your sunscreen and hit the beach.

moisturisinggelnbodywash_lgOnce you are finished rinse off with Phytoplage Moisturizing Hair and Body Wash ($20). This post-beach indulgence instantly washes away all traces of drying salt, chlorine and sand from your hair and skin to leave behind a soft, sexy scent. I would then follow up with a super thick moisturizer for my skin.

My skin seems to really love True Blue Spa Lay It On Thick Body Cream ($15, bathandbodyworks.com) Nothing makes skin feel better after a long day in the sun than this incredibly rich shea butter cream. This deluxe body cream takes it even further with protecting, conditioning vitamin E. Perfect to renew and refresh your skin.

aaaadhhd514aaaaaaci3qgQ: What things should I not forget to do before sliding in to my bikini bottoms on vacation?
A: Courage. Okay well maybe that’s just me. I would need a healthy dose of courage before I got into a bikini. But if you sliding into make sure you clean up your bikini line. If you are planning to get your bikini wax done by a professional make sure that you grab a bottle of PFB Numb-It ($24.95, pfbvanish.com). It is a fast acting topical anesthetic gel that tae the “sting” out of hair removal. It is the fastest acting topical anesthetic without a prescription and helps to minimize pain associated with waxing, laser hair removal and tweezing. It does not interfere with wax and leaves no greasy film on the skin.

roundup_0000000000005900_image_01If you decide to tackle your bikini line at home then try the amazing Ready Betty Ultimate Styling Kit for Down There ($14.99, pre-order now for shipping on Apr. 27th at bettybeauty.com). The kit comes with everything you need to style down there. There is a pleasant smelling hair remover, stencil shapes, scissors and finishing tool. It couldn’t be any easier to use and you will love the results.

31v7evv6iyl_sl500_aa280_If your skin is uneven grab a sunless tanner to even out skin and make skin appear firmer. Use a product that loose natural and promotes healthy looking skin. Mystic Tan Sunless Tanning Spray ($38, sephora.com)uses a continuous spray applicator to help build a natural looking sunless tan. Aloe and Green Tea Extract help to create even color while hydrating sin for optimum results.

instylerQ: Styling my hair on vacation is a lost cause. Short of bringing my own stylist with me on vacation is there a way to keep my hair in check on vacation?
A: I think every one has had “vacation hair.” Which usually ends up making you look like a swamp monster. Well there is a new tool that is the next best thing to your hairdresser. The InStyler is a totally new styling and straightening tool unlike any hair styling product you have ever used ($119, getinstyler.com). It has three heat levels, precision-aligned bristles and features a rotating heated cylinder that can straighten, curl, flip and even create volume. Leaves hair shiny and silky with little effort. No need to pack a bunch of irons, blow dryers and curlers, this one tool does it all and does it better.

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