dailyphoto090401Wanda Sykes gets late-night gig
Actress-comedian Wanda Sykes and the Fox network are finalizing a deal for a Saturday late-night show. The hourlong show, slated to premiere in the fall, will succeed the recently canceled sketch comedy show “MadTV.” It will be topical, featuring a panel of recurring guests sparring over issues concerning politics as well as pop culture. Sykes will appear in field segments as well. Known for her outspoken comedic perspective, Sykes will host the 2009 White House Correspondents’ Association dinner. The actress, who co-stars on CBS’ “The New Adventures of Old Christine,” previously headlined the sitcom “Wanda at Large” on Fox. (Continue Reading…)

Many Black Girls Still Say White Dolls Are Prettier
It’s a question “Good Morning America” posed in its three-part series “Black and White Now,” which takes a look at the current state of race relations. In Part 1, “GMA” recreated a famous doll experiment, which gave insight into race relations and the self-esteem of children. In the 1940s, the nation was captivated by an electrifying experiment by legendary sociologists Kenneth and Mamie Clark. They asked black children about two dolls, one white and one black. The majority — 63 percent of them — said they’d rather play with the white doll. Most said the white doll was nicer than the black doll and in the most poignant answer of all, 44 percent of the black children said the white doll looked most like them. (Continue Reading…)

Star Jones Still Views Herself as 300-Lb. Woman
She may have shed 160 pounds, but Star Jones’s self image has yet to catch up with her new body. “I’m still 300 lbs. in my head some days,” the lawyer and TV personality, 47, tells Oprah Winfrey on Wednesday’s Oprah. Sharing the stage with well-known dieters Marie Osmond, who dropped 46 pounds from her 5’5″ frame, and bikinied PEOPLE cover girl Valerie Bertinelli, Jones for the first time discusses her controversial gastric-bypass surgery and her bumpy exit from The View. (Continue Reading…)

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  • Donna

    In response to the race test, I was just commenting on someone getting angry and another comment LOL hope that makes sense:)

    Where the commenter was speaking on disappointment of another black celeb marrying a non-black woman. And the fact that while a person should be free to marry whom they chose and I have no prejudices as to whom others marry or even myself. It’s an issue that is still linked to how we feel about ourselves when such a large number of men are going outside of his race. And that goes or any race of people where that fact is dominant.

    And while people shouldn’t feel as if they need to become exclusive to their race, it should awaken a need to change perspective or perhaps question why.