jamie-foxxJamie Foxx Fights Off Intruder Inside Philly Hotel
A man has been arrested for allegedly stalking Academy Award winning actor Jamie Foxx as he was filming his latest feature in Philadelphia. The actor was staying at the AKA Hotel in Rittenhouse Square while shooting his latest film, Law Abiding Citizen. Sources said 49-year-old Steven Taliver, who also apparently goes by William Brown, allegedly attempted to break into Foxx’s hotel room on three separate occasions. The three alleged incidents occurred on March 22, March 27 and March 31. On one occasion, source said Foxx became involved in a physical altercation with Taliver pushing him out of the hotel room before slamming the door closed. The suspect allegedly claimed he was Beyonce’s producer. (Continue Reading…)

No Other First Lady Would Be Disrespected Like This
New York magazine’s Daily Intel blog published and subsequently deleted a blog post focused on the First Lady’s butt on Tuesday afternoon. The post by Dan Amira, headlined, “Now That’s Something To Salute,” featured a photo of President Obama saluting the marine standing guard outside Marine One as Michelle Obama walked up the helicopter’s stairs. It read: “This morning President Obama departed for the G20 summit in London and a week of other meetings around Europe, his first visit since last summer’s epic charm offensive. As he boarded Marine One, Obama returned the salute of the marine standing guard … we think. It also looks like Obama might just be blocking the sun’s glare as he checks out Michelle’s booty.” This would never have been posted in reference to any former first lady, but this kind of dialogue plays into the hyper-sexual stereotypes of black women and the fact that the most powerful man in the Western world would be checking out his wife’s behind under the guise of a salute. (Continue Reading…)

Bloomberg Makes Early, Aggressive Bid for Black Support
A Harlem lawmaker, Assemblyman Keith L. T. Wright, long ago pledged to support a fellow African-American, William C. Thompson Jr., in this fall’s mayoral election. But that did not stop two aides to Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg from traveling 150 miles from Manhattan to Albany to seek Mr. Wright’s endorsement for the mayor a few weeks ago. “They must have really wanted it,” Mr. Wright said, a bit startled by the effort. “They double-teamed me.” Seven months before the election, Mr. Bloomberg’s campaign is mounting an all-out push to win over New York City’s black elected leaders, clergy members and voters, seeking to land an early, and potentially crippling, blow against the mayor’s chief rival, Mr. Thompson. (Continue Reading…)

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