APTOPIX AF SOUTH AFRICA ELECTIONSMandela Appears at ANC Rally Before South Africa Vote
A frail, 90-year-old Nelson Mandela struggled to the stage Sunday at the ANC’s last rally before South Africa’s election, making a surprise appearance to the cheers of 100,000 supporters while countrymen watched on national TV. He wore a T-short emblazoned with the face of Jacob Zuma, the party’s popular presidential candidate who drew almost as mighty a cheer from the fans gathered in central Johannesburg days before Wednesday’s parliamentary elections. Mandela began his visit with a drive around a field in a golf cart with Zuma at his side. Then Mandela was helped onto the stage, where he was seated next to former wife Winnie Madikizela-Mandela, one of the ANC’s most popular leaders.(Continue Reading…)

Will Smith in “Business” with Sci Fi
Sci Fi Channel is teaming with Will Smith’s production company for a new crime drama. The network has ordered “Unfinished Business,” a series about an ex-cop who starts seeing flashes of memories from the recently deceased. The visions compel him to help wronged souls resolve their unfinished business. The network, which changes its name to Syfy on July 7, plans to air “Unfinished Business” as a two-hour movie that will also serve as a potential series pilot. (Continue Reading…)

UN Chief: Economic Crisis Threatens More Racism
Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad accused the West of using the Holocaust as a “pretext” for aggression against Palestinians, prompting European diplomats to walk out Monday from a speech disrupted by jeering protesters in rainbow wigs tossing red clown noses at the hardline leader. A U.N. racism conference on the eve of Israel’s Holocaust Remembrance Day disintegrated into chaos moments after Ahmadinejad became the first government official to take the floor. Two protesters in wigs tossed the noses at Ahmadinejad as he recited a Muslim prayer to begin his speech. (Continue Reading…)

stormy petrel \STOR-mee-PET-ruhl\, noun:

1. Any of various small sea birds of the family Hydrobatidae, having dark plumage with paler underparts; also called storm petrel.
2. One who brings discord or strife, or appears at the onset of trouble.

But far from a ‘pet’ of the Communist regime, Gorky, the “stormy petrel of the revolution,” also condemned the revolution early on as a “cruel experiment” with the Russian people “doomed to failure.”
— Valentina Kolesnikova, “Maxim Gorky: Hostage of the Revolution”, Russian Life, June 1, 1996
Resource: Dictionary.com

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