rihannachris-brown_2Rihanna: “Leave Me Alone, Chris!”
Rihanna is calling the shots with on-off boyfriend Chris Brown, and that means speaking to him on her terms. Following a two-month career break, the 22-year-old Barbadian beauty was back in an L.A. recording studio last week. But her singing was interrupted by a stream of phones calls from Chris. “Chris called Rihanna’s producer until he finally got him on the phone,” an insider tells OK!. “He demanded to know if Rihanna was there, pleading ‘Is she there? Tell Me! Pease tell me if she is there or not.'” When the “Disturbia” singer heard the commotion, says the source, she gestured to the producer, “No! Tell him I’m not here.” (Continue Reading…)

Kenyan women ban sex over political reform
The fight for political reform in Kenya has moved into an unlikely venue — the nation’s bedrooms. Activists in the East African nation are urging women to withhold sex for a week to protest the growing divide in Kenya’s coalition government. “We are asking even sex workers to join the cause, even if we have to pay them ourselves,” said Patricia Nyaundi, executive director of the Federation of Women Lawyers in Kenya. The campaign was organized by G-10, an umbrella group for women’s organizations. It called on the wives of President Mwai Kibaki and Prime Minister Raila Odinga to join the cause. Odinga’s wife, Ida, told CNN on Thursday that she supports the campaign “100 percent.” (Continue Reading…)

Toni Braxton Sues Insurance Company Over 2006 Concert
After enduring heart problems in 2006, resulting in the cancelation of a concert in Las Vegas, Toni Braxton was stuck with the bill, despite having coverage for exactly this time of problem. According to TMZ, the singer says her insurance company screwed her, and now she wants them to pay up. Braxton filed a lawsuit against Lloyd’s of London recently, claiming she bought “non-appearance” and “cancellation” insurance, which protects entertainers in case their concerts have to be cancelled. (Continue Reading…)

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