77916557FB086_People_MagaziGeffen Ends Relationship with Solange Knowles
Following news that Kelly Rowland may have been dropped by Columbia Records — which was later cleared up, and she remains on the label — there is some more label drama in the Beyonce/Destiny’s Child camp. It’s now rumored that B’s younger sister, Solange Knowles, is having her own label issues. According to a report from AOL’s BlackVoices (BV), Solange is no longer with Geffen/Interscope Records, where her last album Sol-Angel and the Hadley St. Dreams was released. Apparently, the performance of the project resulted in the label opting not to continue their working relationship together. (Continue Reading…)

Michelle Obama Wax Figure Wows Fans
First lady Michelle Obama was not in Washington on Tuesday, but one might have thought so from the commotion on F Street. A likeness of the first lady was unveiled at Madame Tussauds, the world-famous wax museum, with all of the fanfare that typically follows Obama in real life. A line stretched down the block outside the museum by noon, while inside, a circus of media and visitors swarmed around the exhibit for its grand opening. Dressed in a custom-designed red sleeveless dress and black cardigan, the life-size wax figure stands in the museum’s replica Oval Office. The figure is beside President Obama’s likeness, which was unveiled in February 2008. (Continue Reading…)

Chris Brown And Rihanna Fans React To Not-Guilty Plea
On Monday in a Los Angeles courtroom, Chris Brown pleaded not guilty to two felony charges of assault and making criminal threats, charges stemming from his alleged altercation with girlfriend Rihanna on the eve of this year’s Grammy Awards. Since it happened back in February, fans have reacted with mixed feelings to the various stages of the incident, and Brown’s not-guilty plea is no different. Most fans think he made the wrong decision. “I don’t think that that’s right. I think he should [plead guilty],” Brandi Crosmer told MTV News. “You should take responsibility for your actions.” (Continue Reading…)

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