For women with an entrepreneurial spirit seeking advice and support from a girlfriend of sort, make sure to add In Her Shoes Blog to your daily read. Creator and Founder of Crush Media, Renae Bluitt, started In Her Shoes to highlight the successes of women in business from around the world. The stories of Fly Female Entrepreneurs are not only  inspiring and motivational but also refreshing, as it’s important for women to see the trials and triumphs of real life women starting or maintaining a business. Bluitt provides positive and encouraging commentary and even believes that today’s economic climate will “produce a whole new generation of Oprah Winfreys, Magic Johsons, Tom Burrells and B. Smiths.” Now, that’s the kind of support women entrepreneurs need!


“I wouldn’t trade the freedom of entrepreneurship for the world, however, I’d be lying if I said it was a piece of cake.”

Clutch: What enticed you to start In Her Shoes Blog?
Renae: The In Her Shoes concept was born in October of 2008 as I was thinking of ways to extend my brand (Crush Media) while engaging women with entrepreneurial spirits. I enjoy writing and researching so the thought of identifying the flyest female entrepreneurs on the planet was enticing. I’ve received so many emails from women thanking me for the encouragement but what they don’t realize is that hearing these amazing stories keeps me motivated, too. I’m inspired in some way by each and every woman featured, so to say that this blog is giving me everything is an understatement!

Clutch: What type of content is featured in your blog?
Renae:Each Wednesday I provide my readers with an up close and personal look into the minds of a Fly Female Entrepreneur. These interviews are what I consider to be the site’s main course while the other content serves as an appetizer if you will. Throughout the week we touch on just about any and everything that could possibly be on a progressive woman’s mind with posts like “Staying Fly on a Dime,” “Do What You Love,” and “Great Networking…Now What?”

I’ve only been in business with Crush Media for two years but in that short time, I’ve learned a lesson or two about entrepreneurship that my readers can definitely learn from. I speak to my readers the same way I’d speak to my girls which makes topics like managing your online identities on social networking sites or the importance of thank-you cards quite interesting.

bgx0bhz_mnClutch: What’s it like in your own shoes as an entrepreneur?
Renae:I wouldn’t trade the freedom of entrepreneurship for the world, however, I’d be lying if I said it was a piece of cake. It’s a lot like the weather we’re experiencing these days as a result of global warming; it can be hot one day and extremely cold the next. The highs and lows of entrepreneurship require a considerable amount of self-confidence. One minute you’re “in it to win it” and the next you’re questioning why you chose this route in the first place! Your friends and family can support you all day and night but if you don’t believe in yourself you’re destined for failure.

Clutch: What steps would you recommend future entrepreneurs take in turning an idea into a business?
Renae: The first step I recommend is research, research and more research – especially if you’re entering a new industry. The second step I highly recommend is identifying a mentor who is successfully doing what you want to do. Finding the right mentor can be an arduous task but once you identify the appropriate individual(s), you’ve got to nurture the relationship. People who advance the farthest in their careers usually share one characteristic: a strong network of mentors who offer long-term, close developmental support.

Last but certainly not least, surround yourself with positive/nourishing people who inspire you to be better. Steer clear of “energy vampires.” You know who they are – the folks around you who suck all the positive energy out of you. These people are toxic and if given the opportunity, will wear you down and kill your dreams.

Clutch: What are some areas women may stumble upon when starting a business?
Renae: Financing is a major roadblock for women starting businesses with high overhead expenses but what I’ve seen more often than financial limitations is an overall lack of commitment. We may “say” we want to be our own boss but the sacrifice it requires is often underestimated. I’m still learning what sacrifice really means and realize that I can’t always pick up and shop or travel like I used to when I was receiving the same check every two weeks.

Clutch: Why is it important for you to share your own business savvy as well as highlighting others’?
Renae: In today’s economic climate there’s really no such thing as job security so it’s important that we have our own streams of revenue to fall back on. While this recession may be painful for us all, I’m convinced that it’s going to produce a whole new generation of Oprah Winfreys, Magic Johsons, Tom Burrells and B. Smiths!

Clutch: Do you  agree that women entrepreneurs, especially women of color, should be more supportive of one another?
Renae: Absolutely. We can’t succeed without the support of our sisters.

What business philosophies do you live by?
Renae: As a PR & lifestyle marketing specialist and founder of Crush Media, the following are my core business philosophies: I recognize and accept that change is inevitable; it provides me with opportunities to grow and respond to my client’s needs. We have to do what we say we will do. It’s much more important to have a decent idea that you execute well than a phenomenal idea that you implement poorly. When in doubt, do the right thing. Lastly, treat others the way you want to be treated – with respect!

Clutch: Have you ever had a business idea that you regret passing on?
Renae: No, I can’t say that I do at this point. I try to live life with no regrets as much as possible.

Clutch: What impact do you think social networking site have on burgeoning businesses?
Renae: The impact of social networking sites on new businesses is huge! Right now we literally have the world right at our fingertips. Social networking, when done the right way, allows us to rub shoulders with key influencers and decision makers that we may not have interacted with otherwise. This is why it’s so important for us to manage and protect our online identities.

Potential clients, business partners and employers are using Google to peer into places a meeting can’t take them. At this very moment there is the “real you” (the warm blooded version) – the smart, witty, cute and compassionate soul all of your friends know and love – and then there’s the “online you.” What does she look like? The pictures we post online or get tagged in on Facebook are easily accessible to just about anyone taking the time to look.

Clutch: Do you Twitter?
Renae: I sure do. My handle is twitter.com/getinhershoes. I do my fair share of Twittering but I’m still amazed at how people can be that active in “Twitterville” and still find time to LIVE. It’s hard to truly enjoy life when all you do is write about it!

Clutch: How many pairs of shoes do you own?
Renae: How many pairs of shoes do I own? Enough to realize that New York apartments just don’t provide enough closet space. LOL.

Why is In Her shoes Blog link worthy?
Renae: Because it’s refreshing. There are plenty of amazing blogs out there focusing on fashion or celebrity gossip but this blog is truly in its own lane. In Her Shoes is like that girlfriend you call when you need to be lifted and inspired. She helps you put some pep in your step by showing you that women around the world, just like you, are bringing their dreams to life and making their own rules!

For more information on Renae Bluitt and In Her Shoes/Crush Media please visit inhershoesblog.com and crush-media.com.

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