dick_cheneyWhy does it appear as though we are hearing more from former Vice President Dick Cheney since Obama’s taken office, than we did during his 8-year stint as second in command? Last night Cheney decided to share his irrelevant views during an appearance one of Fox’s many ultra conservative talk show’s, “Hannity.”

Essentially, the feeble former VP accused President Obama of projecting weakness by apologizing to the International Community for our country’s past transgressions – and of course – shaking hands with and receiving a gift from Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez. According to Cheney:

“The United States provides much of the leadership in the world. We have for a long time. I don’t think we’ve got much to apologize for. The president’s got to provide leadership and I don’t want to be in a position where you don’t interact with your adversaries. I think you do need to do that but I think it’s got to be done properly. It’s got to be done under the right conditions. And it’s got to be made clear that you do distinguish between good guys and bad guys, between those who believe in democracy, who are friends and allies of the United States and those who don’t.”

Freedom of speech, which the Bush/Cheney administration fought so hard to eradicate through the Patriot Act, is still an inalienable right here in the US, but Cheney’s conduct last night demonstrates its inherent flaw. It’s no secret that Dick Cheney is pro-war, torture, destruction, and all things brutal. Despite our government’s damaging influence on many of the earth’s inhabitants (and the earth itself), it comes as no shock that he feels America doesn’t have much to apologize for. His sociopathic status was pretty much set in stone the minute he capped his ‘friend’ in the face three years ago. The crux of the matter is that after only four months in office, his criticism of Barack Obama is not only unproductive, but completely unfounded.

By stating that Obama isn’t able to distinguish between “good guys and bad guys” is a classic Republican/Fox-esque tactic that oversimplifies a complex situation, with the aim of painting Obama in a less than favorable light. To insinuate that the president is projecting weakness not only effects our country’s morale, but threatens to send the wrong messages to the so-called “evil doers” of the world. Perhaps Cheney is just feeling defensive these days, being as though the Obama Administration is only trying to undo some of the chaos brought about by his two troublesome terms in office alongside of George Dubya Bush.

No doubt, President Obama has his work cut out for him, and the right-wing criticism has only just begun. Perhaps gaining and maintaining enemies is good business for ole Dick, and quite possibly his only reason for living, but for the rest of us who value safety, health, education and prosperity, we’ll keep our full support behind the president. In the words of author Richard T. Arndt, diplomacy is “the first resort of Kings.”

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