sb10061718e-001There is an unfortunate phenomenon that occurs for all too many of us every seven days. As Sunday bleeds into Monday, a growing sense of dread grows within the depths of our very being, marking the conclusion of your 48 hours of self-determination, and the commencement of the rigid monotony of the work week. For those of you who have just had it with the Monday Blues, dig the following suggestions:

Steady Pay: The fact that you are at work today means you have some source of steady income, even if it may not be as much as you’d like it to be – and that’s more than can be said for a significant portion of out population.

Misery Loves Company: Although this may be a dire point, it’s one worth making. Just look around you. You aren’t the only one who made their way out of their cozy bed and into their respective workplaces. Commiserating with your fellow employed comrades may help to life your spirits.

Let The Hate Motivate: The dread that stems from the Monday blues can motivate you to make the changes necessary making overall improvements to your life. Does tension or sadness stem from a sense of dissatisfaction with your job? Do you have issues with co-workers? Whatever the reason, let it empower you to address the circumstance(s) head on to create the change you wish to see in your situation.

Restoration is Key: Try to be mindful of your weekend schedule. One sleep study found that deviating too far from their weekday sleep routines run the risk leaving you fatigued by the start of the work week. In other words, try not to run yourself ragged on the weekends, and leave yourself with some to start your week out with some vitality.

Create a Joyful Tradition: Take he bull by the horns and make Monday a day you look forward to. You could prepare your favorite meal for lunch, meet up with friends, or attend a class after work hours. Make it a day to reward yourself for the dynamic, magnificent being that you are.

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