Every woman at some time or another might yearn for a Renaissance Man to quench the thirst in love’s appetite. The “do-good,” brother who poses with intellect and high esteem and flirts on the gentle side of life when it comes to seeking a little “no good” behavior. A well accomplished “bad boy,” with an Abstract flavor that springs up like a single Daisy in a woman’s garden of identical weeds. Someone or anyone could fit the bill, but in the end it could only be a thinker like Q-tip, the Islamic Queens-bred rhyme-slinger that’s been on a three decade Quest to bring art and wisdom back to Hip-Hop.

Every man has a quiet lust for a Bonnie to his closeted Clyde. They want a sassy gal, who embodies a whole lot of ghetto attitude that lingers behind the eyes of an immeasurable amount of sexiness and appeal. This is true of the Oakland, California native Keyshia Cole, the latest songstress to draw her vocal chords from the hallowed walls of music’s “heartbreak hotel.” She’s laced in street visions and heartache dreams and is poised to provide anyone a true glance at The Way It Is from atop her bridge of reality.

Love, is most definitely a many-splendered thing, but so is matchmaking and heartbreaking in the world of mis-compatibility. “It ain’t fiction, just a natural fact… opposites attract.” There’s always a hidden love that rests in the arms of the extremely unlikely.

So… This is a possibility that resides at the intersection of the infamous“42nd Street and Happenstance.”

A Different Me
In search of something new after being fed up with the ice-cold treatment of loving Mr. Snowman himself, the infamous Young Jeezy, Keyshia Cole needed a climate change and a new point of view, so she packed up her family and their Southern Hospitality and flew East to New York in search of A Different Me.

While sitting on a bench in Central Park penning the lines to a track that would be later called “Oh-Oh, Yeah Yeah” she made a play to give her music a little New York flavor and phoned her agent to see if they could hook her up with a guest appearance by Nas. Receiving good news, and keeping in good spirits of her new beginning, her musical inquiry quickly led her to a quiet studio in Queens where Nas was sitting in the room with a friend who was working on his new CD.

Come over here baby, don’t look so grumpy. This kind of lifestyle could be so comfy… Feelings that should never end and you respect me like a friend, but love me like your man, no other could contend. We gotta getting up.” Keyshia was taken aback by the words that Q-tip was braving over the mic. Being a writer herself, she knew the power and truth that rested in the meaning. He was a real man and not fronting like an ideal. She had never met Q-tip before, but after witnessing the elements of his art form in live action she was quickly drawn to the depth within his musical conversation.

Sure he was rocking horn rim spectacles and repping the mini fro in full throttle, but she dug the baggy jeans and could get with the “tims” and vowed like any other woman would, to change the things about him that over time became bothersome. As soon as he stepped off the mic she pushed her bosoms deep inside her bustier dress in an attempt to cut back on the cleavage and pushed her platinum hair out of eyes “as if” to expose her mind for his reading pleasures.

Strangely and oddly, Q-tip, was drawn to possibility and found a way around the tattoos, the asymmetrical platinum haircut and their major differences in personal beliefs to combat his curiosity in the songstress who he could see at the time was in need and deserving of some real love. So he asked her out…

Yo… in the beginning things were straight. Q-tip was showing Keyshia the finer things in living the New York life and helping her accept a new style of understanding. She was dressing differently, opting to leave more to the imagination, and had shed the hair weave and peroxide for the tutorials on natural hair she had gathered from her favorite website clutchmagonline.com. She was hooked on his newness and was digging the wisdom he continually spit in her direction. She began visiting a Laser Treatment Center and started the process for tattoo removal. She also picked out a new name for her “rebirth” into his Islamic faith, Amira Nazmeen which means “delicate princess”.

They were in a ManWomanBoogie revolution to promote change. She had ditched her former friends and began to roll in a new circle joining Kelis and Ms. Badu for afternoon lunches and shopping trips in the big city. Keyshia was growing further away from her former norm, which only made her mother extremely angry when she got the news that Keyshia wanted her to move back down south to give her and Q-tip a little space to keep pushing their life in this new direction.

Make Me Over
While Keyshia was shouting Make Me Over, her mother and friends were plotting to put an end to what looked like a “sweet love hangover.” They felt Q-tip was brainwashing her with promises of love and forever, and they began to see how that was going to impede on their comfortable lifestyle. They made a call to Young Jeezy, hoping that he still had the ability to get to the core of his former flame Keyshia. Still in touch with his feelings, but denying their magnitude, he rushed to New York to investigate the strength of Q-tips pull on his lady.

Following a rumor he heard about Keyshia and Q-tip hosting a private party on the roof of Talib Kweli’s apartment, he made his way to their vicinity around midnight to bust in on the ceremony and get his girl back. Skipping the introductions, he laid out the door man and charged up the stairs and walked in on the couple. Q-tip was in the process of dropping down on bended knee.

“I still got my ring, Keyshia,” Jeezy roared from across the room. Keyshia was both surprised and puzzled by his appearance and announcement, while at the same time taken aback by Q-tips offer of matrimony.

“I still got my ring, girl. The one you gave me.” He repeated. “The one that was meant to be, not that smothers brothers yo-yo strip, homey on his knee is trying to give you. Back up Q-tip.”

And at the end of it all it’s you…
Trying to deny the on-and-off again chemistry between her and Jeezy, Cole knew, would be impossible. She was enjoying her new lifestyle with Q-tip, but missed her stilettos and wife beaters and the conversations that went on at the hair salon every Tuesday. She quickly ran passed Q, while he was midway through his proposal and grabbed Jeezy’s hand and made her way to the front door.

Needless to say, by the time they had retrieved all her belongings and were boarding a flight back to GA, Jeezy was back to denying the relationship and Keyshia was already penning the tracks for her next breakout single off her fourth heartbreak album in her musical library.

But that’s how it is on 42nd and Happenstance

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