84782861Through a simple online search you will come across natural hair community sites, forums, personal blogs and natural hair albums within Fotki and Flickr. You can find natural hair groups on Yahoo! and MySpace as well as Twitter, and Facebook. By doing a search on these sites for ‘natural hair’ or entering in specific names of some of your favorites, you can even have natural hair support via cell phone.

One of my favorite Facebook profiles is Tassanee ‘Happynappyt’ Walden. When you log on to her profile and see the natural hair information, which includes pictures, product reviews, hair challenges and links to other natural hair sites, you will feel like you stepped into a natural hair community site. Through the Internet you will find sites that are solely dedicated to natural hair, as well as inclusive sites that cater to all who are in search of healthy hair advice.

These sites are a great help for those who are either thinking about transitioning, in the transitioning process or who are already a part of the natural journey. Afrobella: (afrobella.com) is another favorite that features beauty, natural hair care, skin care, makeup advice, and more. Also check out Kinnks: (kinnks.com/directory) – a worldwide online directory of natural hair links.

What are your favorites?

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  • I have learned better ways of caring for my hair by the youtube sites kimmaytube and the makeup virgin on youtube. Also I like nappturality.com. I have been conditioner washing my hair with WEN. Hair is growing and healthy so I started sharing what I do to care for it. Thanks for the tips from all the sites.

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  • Gina

    For beautiful, natural hair right nutrition is crucial. I also take nutritional supplement Hair Gain Formula in order to support healthy hair growth. In 6 months my hair has become visibly thicker, and I don’t suffer from hair loss as much as I used to.

    • Dani Johnson