barack-michelle-bumpPresident Barack Obama just completed his first 100 days in office, and he appears to be off to a commendable start. The significance of the first 100 days originates with the onset of Franklin D. Roosevelt’s industrious first term. Since then, the first 100 days of the new Commander in Chief has been used as a gauge to predict the overall performance throughout their time in office.

It’s important to acknowledge that Barack Obama took the country’s highest office during one of the most troublesome of times. With chaos both at home and abroad, he had his work cut out for him. The added pressure of being the first Black man to achieve such an esteemed position is another crucial layer not to be overlooked. Despite it all, an NBC/WSJ poll shows that his numbers are higher than that of former presidents Clinton and Bush. More than 80 percent of American polled said they like Obama. He also received high marks for his demeanor and leadership qualities.

President Obama has faced disapproval behind the rising unemployment rate, a financial system in disrepair, and his attempt to reverse some the ruinous conditions born of the previous administration. However, it seems that the public has been able to recognize some of his achievements to date such as strides in creating universal health care, and the rescue of Capt. Richard Phillips from Somali.

The intelligent, diplomatic, level headed Head of State, embodies the old adage:

“You can please all the people some of the time, and some of the people all the time, but you cannot please all the people all the time.”

In an effort to create progress within the halls of Washington, he is accused of slacking on his promise of bi-partisanship. For carrying out initiatives geared to improve the quality of American’s lives, he is criticized for taking on too much at once. Perhaps the reason the president has received high marks for these first days in office stems from his ability to remain loyal to ideals more than political factions. Barack Obama sums it up best when he recently stated:

“That there is still a certain quotient of political posturing and bickering that takes place even when we’re in the middle of really big crises,” he said, adding that he’d like for everyone to say “let’s take a time-out on some of the political games.

Obama has indeed set the tone for the rest of his term, and so far, it appears to be one filled with hope.

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