77188472Women value money more than they value their bodies. Balderdash, you say. Wait. I can prove it.

A guy goes to a club and meets a female. They are feeling each other. He takes her home with the intention of getting his. She is more than likely down too because she is feeling him… and likely has a little bit of alcohol in her system.

No harm, no foul. Now let’s switch it up a bit.

He takes her home and before anything happens, asks to borrow $100. She says hell no and looks at him like he’s from Planet Moron, before grabbing her clutch and leaving. Why is that? She would give a stranger her body before she would give him $100?

See. Told you so.

Every female I know would rather eat her $100 than give it to a guy she just met. But if it’s the right guy in the right situation, then the clothes will fly, regardless of the fact that she didn’t even know that Brandon even existed until he bought her a drink a few hours ago.

Attract, copulate, disengage. It’s the American way.

One-night stands are the goals of many party-going men. Women, on the other hand, try to prevent it. It’s a football drive: The offense (guys) draw up the strategy, run the play and adjust accordingly. The defense (females) run a base set, read and react to any play the offense runs. Some defenses are staunch, others feeble. If the offense is having its way, then it is more than likely the result of a lack of preparation of the defense or some outstanding offense. And somewhere in there, a touchdown occurs.

So that’s how the game plays out, weekend after weekend after weekend. Men want to seize. Women want to purify. Women are taught to keep arbitrary men out. Men are reared in a culture to get in women arbitrarily. It is about winning at all costs, which too, is the American way.

Sex And Money

Let’s look at another scenario.

A 30-year old male businessman connects with a 29-year old accountant female. They go on a few dates and all is well therein. Two weeks elapse and they are making it a Blockbuster night. In the middle of some movie, kissing ensues and passions ignite. You know what happens next. The morning after is soon upon us and both depart to get ready to go to their respective professions. The accountant, while at work, audits Company X’s financials, marveling over the fact that this Company spent $4,000 in due diligence before they jumped into one investment.

Do you think she made the connection? Of course not; did you?

We tend to spend more time deciding what house to buy, college to attend or what clothes to wear to our events than on matters involving the heart. The heart is the biggest asset we have. If our hearts aren’t at ease, then life can be hell, even if everything else is heaven.

There is something fundamental about the relationship between money and sex that renders any discussion about the two factors impotent. Sex and money have a long history together; their etymology is a study in profiteering persistence. One would be hard-pressed to find a situation in which money or sex does not play a role in any major decision that is made in life.

There are those women who are quick to say “my body is my temple.” They hold themselves to such esteems and wouldn’t be caught dead hustling their goods like a streetwalker. Interesting. The guardians of temples in ancient times were very scrutinizing about the people they let in because these guardians knew that with people came spirits. Negative spirits were sure to disrupt the holiness created inside the temple, therefore, these spirits were discouraged. Some undesirable spirits may have crept in, but the guardians of temple worked very hard to drive them out.

If one is to continue to use the temple analogy in reference to their bodies, then one would be challenged to be accountable to all the rules of preserving its sanctity. Temples were a place where frivolous play was forbidden. But frivolous play occur in “our temples” all the time. The metaphor extends beyond sex. Lack of exercise, overindulgence of substance and subpar dietary habits undermine the preservation of our temples.

So what is it women: Are your bodies your temples, closed for sale, or are they available to the “highest bidder”? Is the woman depicted in the first scenario any better than a prostitute who is up front about her bartering? Our worldview, being U.S. citizens, is indelibly shaped by a pursuit to earn above any price of a group of goods that we desire. Buying, selling, advertising, promoting…it’s all in the game.

Capitalism, or the infiltration of market values over non-market values, is undoubtedly the leading actor in our bodily abasement. Sexism, classism and racism play supporting roles in a championing of our money over soul development. This is not to say that you should give a stranger $100, nor is this a critique about the demerits of casual sex. At some point, we have to be self-critical about our appreciation of our anatomy. Some people are of the mind that sex is salutary, a necessity that enables bodies to glow and function at its peak. Medical evidence supports such ideals. But if that’s the case, then what makes a person who enjoys copious coitus any more scrupulous than a person who gets paid for it?

Even the most prudish woman you know would get insulted if a guy asked them for money in lieu of sex. Thing is, men know that. We know that the capitalistic paradigm, mixed with the patriarchal lies that are handed to women, make you all a vulnerable species in the realm of sex and money. We know that you won’t give us that money, so in a way, you feel that you got to give us something. We know that you don’t realize this, which makes you easy prey for our verbal wizardry and physical prowess.

And for the women who do realize this, who slow down the offense, they are labeled as goody-goody, old-fashioned and simply left alone. These women wonder why there are a undersupply of men who desire to rely on their running games instead of going for the Hail Mary. Before long, we (men) got you, because we know that your defense won’t stay tight forever. So sooner or later, you’ll come around.

We can carry the profit and loss paradigm in all areas of life consciously or subconsciously if we’re careless. The school of winners and losers is the essence of capitalism and it transfers into our interpersonal communications. If men are driving and receiving the benefits of a car (women) for free, then why in the world would they buy it? Doing so wouldn’t be smart business.

If we all performed the same amount of due diligence in our interpersonal (read: sexual) interactions as we do with our monetary investments, then it’s safe to say that the drama and ill-feelings toward each other would be cut in half.  One would imagine, then, that patriarchy would dive into a mighty slow death.

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